Crystal Crafting Restrictions

Can anyone verify our list for amethyst set exclusive.

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Sorry for the tag but to be sure on the list.

Missing Legend affix:
Slow projectile
Arc Dodge
MP Absorb
All talents

Fauns gift is warrior exclusive. I keep a copy of every legendary for rogue and I have 0 fauns gift.

Huh? + Armor cant be gotten from rubies?

Yeah, there are only 2 legendary with legendary amor affix: Pandora and Conviction.

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Thank you @Refia and @Shutnic

Hmm, I know battle mage set affix drops at a rouge and mage but I read before that to get it via amethyst you need the item to be a mage or you can get battle mage set affix with amethyst provided that your not a warrior?

Same scenario with spellsword. It drops on a rouge and warrior but for amethyst it needs to be in a warrior item or you can get spellsword provided your not a mage?

I really feel like Shinybox is releasing so much new content without really clearing up how old content interacts with each other… While the codex is a huge step ahead, I feel like there needs to be a database that gives accurate information for each affix beside its effect. (Like limitations, can it be gotte n with crystals, how rare is it, what is the max value for each affix in normal/epic/legend/crystal state…) And while the wiki is keeping up well with all this content, I feel like there is just so much confusion about affixes and enchanting (just look at the question threads) that we players need a large database…

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I just got Frozen Set affix from an amethist Like 2 Days ago. I am on my rogue, But does that matter?

that normal for rogue to get its exclusive Set affix.

Ok. So how long does it take to farm/use/ and build a full crystal/leggy/mythic armor set? I see people on arena that that have all crystal gear, and evey affix is the same often adding up to like +400% crushing blow, or something like that. Is that even possible through normal means?

there should be impossible to get 400% crushing blow. i think u mistake. probably u see is explode,

Well there are caps for each affix, you can view them in the menu (go to the character menu -> stats -> all stats (the box thing that is the 4th from the top)) and there you can view caps.
Those players in arena just get most affixes to that cap (or close to it) and try to get uncapped affixes as high as possible (mostly + elemental dmg and + elemental dmg %) Take a closer look and you will see it in their gear.
Now if you want to know how long it takes to make such gear? That depends on the equip you have right now. Can you do floor 101 or 181 on mythic 3 with affixes such as +luck % (capped at 450) +goldfind (capped at 650) and +itemfind (capped at 200)? At mythic 3 you will have +350% luck and goldfind, bit enemies will have 100x as much hp as on normal. If you can do that at a decent speed I’d say 20-30 hours of gameplay. Then you still have to be LUCKY when using those crystals (erhm *cough *cough) to get the right affix and then you have your set! If youre unlucky you might need to farm 50+ hours to get it :/. Shinybox gave out some free mythstones and crystals for some reason (could someone explain to me why? O.O) and they might (maybe) do so again in the future.

As I remember it was for thanking the players for playing and waiting for patch 2.0

Full crafted crystal gears is considered end game things that’s why it has a difficulty in attaining.
For me item progression is
Legend Equips -> Eternal Equips -> Crystal/mythic crafted gears

Getting crystal legends that gives you an affix that you want to use is pretty nice in moving forward as you don’t need to rely on a obsidian.

@NeonNightfall it took me about a month of hard grinding to make my first set.

same to me, play about a month to build my first full crystal set…
but i thing nowaday newbie only need about half month to make full crystal set due to convert unnecessary crystal legend and junk eternal. thanks to dev. now i can make 2 full set mythic+crystal set in 1 month. (HINT: Build extreme farming setup first. it might be hard to make it due to still hard to get ultra rare crystal tho, but after u have it. the rest become much more easier)


Imma copy your build for farming I have 2 faun crystal drops with luck crystal affix on it, just needa farm about 9 more obsi.

Hey! You can find the limitation, min/max value in wiki.
What are you wishing for? More guides (what kind of guides?) Proper affix list?

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For some set+Crystal affix u can secure by looking for faun gift set with crystal luck, and styr.spirt+crystal gold find. the rest like crystalline nadroji and mythical. u need to prepare at least 3 for each item. u can try get it. if it give more to like dps affix, u can just save it for later use, (Dont Convert) then try to second and third item until u got farming affix. that how i do lol. minimize crystal usage. in future.