Crystal for changing elememets

Hello guys…i just wonder why i dont loot crystal for changing elements anymore? And also i dont know what crystal is need to convert into it…

At higher floors you get less of the common stuff and more of the rare stuff. My strat is to aquire vast amounts of angelights and qhen ever i need calcites to covert an items element i just salvage the angelights for calcites.

Thanks a lot bro for the help

Try to farm on lv 20-40 M3 bro


Okay bro thanks a lot

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Your welcome. I like angelights because they are way cheaper than this other stone and you can have substantial number of chances to produce the exact same results the other stone might provide for a more expensive price.

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at every 100 floors, up to floor 500, you stop finding the five lowest Crystals & Myth Stones. to make up for this loss, Rare and Ultra Rare Crystals & Myth Stones are a little easier to find, but just a little easier. the Common Crystals & Myth Stones in the middle have drop rates close to those of the ones you don’t get any more.

as far as replacing the one you use up, either Farm the lower Floors where they drop, or spend Gold to convert Crystals & Myth Stones. it’s 1:1 when going from higher to lower, and 2:1 to go from lower to higher.

you can also buy Crystals & Myth Stones in the Shop. they’re about 50k for Common, 500k for Rare, and 5m for Ultra Rare.

@Socretese Angelite versus Topaz? I know how that feels, especially when I’m Crafting a new Build.

Id certainly agree. Way cheaper. Do you have any strats for item management or a favorite item?

for new players, it’s farm, farm, farm. then save, save, save, any Items that you think look interesting.

for veteran players, a good farm build gets you enough Gold to get almost anything you need, if you didn’t find it by farming. as a side benefit, you find so many Legend+ Items that you don’t need, that by converting them, you end up with lots of Dust to buy Legend & Eternal Items that you need from the Codex, and convert some of those Legends & Eternal Items to Crystals.

I also have a set of 6 Items and a Pet that I use for testing affix combinations. this cuts down on having to get full sets of items for testing every time I have an idea that needs testing.

although not necessary, I did buy all the bag spaces for my Characters, the IAP ones. all full, and the Crystal & Myth Stone inventory bags are awesome. I really need to downsize a bunch of Items. :crying_cat_face:

Same, i have a large colection of items that spawned naturaly with four slots for runes, and idk what to do with them all because i dont know if ill even use them all but want them just in case you know?