Crystal & Gem Bags

To hold all those various mythostones and enchantment crystals.

They cost 75k each.

Answer to all storage problems! I have a more detailled idea: each bag holds up to one storage slot(like a full stash menu). And when clicked, the bag displays a “open” action. When clicked, it displays the contents of the bag. To put a gem in bag, slide the gem/crystal in the bag. Pretty neat idea ircher!

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To be honest, i’m playing the MS/CS version and I’m not having issues with storage, but anyway you won’t keep that much legend items since youwill edit them (remove affixe, add, etc), trust me you’ll save a lot of space by throwing useless legends :smile:

I want a gem bag as well. Im a bit of a pack rat too. Mainly because I like to play alts and try diff things.I would also like more stash pages & I’m willing to pay for them.