Crystal item drop with out crystal affix -_-

No crystal affix on this drop

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well that’s weird, probably the empty socket suppose to be the crystal one ? :joy: :joy:

I got rip off lol… :’(

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lol. but since the border is cyan. try convert if it cost 500k then it still give ultra rare crystal. that = junk lol

Yes it cost 500k to convert

good news. have 10 amethyst now and only 1 obsidian. lol. the curse actually happen to me now. need obsidian lol. T,T

All the cs after jasper I got 0…

lol the curse is real.

Thank you for your bug report.

I think, it accidently created a crystal affix (MP on HIt) instead of an epic affix of block. Since there is already a mp on hit affix on the shield, it gets removed by the item checker. So it turns automatically to a socket.

Oh thanks for the info

So I’m right, the crystal affix is the socket one lol :joy:

A crystal socket would be something! :smiley:

It had a double of an affix, its a ripoff but thats the reason