Crystal use graphic missing

When ever I use a crystal the enchantment graphic is missing (not complaining it makes rerolling easier but still worth reporting)

Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Enchantment graphic? Could you clarify yourself please?

Yes I absolutely can :smile: the white swirl effect that usually appears when you use a crystal :kissing_heart:


It happen to me while I was using a crystal and someone text to me…it can go back just go to map then crystal enchant again xD

finally! somebody noticed this bug as well… i have used an Obsidian but no crystal stat shows up… it only added hp%62%… at first i was really upset since the item never changed from legend and the hp%62% font color is Orange… however i then realised it was a crystal stat but on an epic color font… sorry i have no picture for reference, but this happened to me as well…