Crystalline/Eternalized Stat Caps

Guys i plan to buy a hireling and i wonder if a crystalline or eternalized set would stack on hireling. And what are the Crystalline/Eternalized caps or would it stack ? Reply ASAP cos its really my first time.

Crystalline and Eternalized as well as Nadroji doesn’t apply to hirling but it does apply to the main 1st character slot you have or are currently using.

For example, you use warrior + wizard. The main one you may use is warrior and hirling is wizard so the crystalline, eternalized and Nadroji set only work on warrior in that case. If it’s wizard+ warrior where the warrior is hirling, the set affixes no longer work on you.

A set affix that does work on hirling and main is Epiphany though as you can increase caps on both characters.

In general, set affixes only apply to individual character. If hirling has Defiant, Momentum, Frozen, Arcanist, Demonic, Rage and Ascendant, these set affixes only work on the individual character. Although if you use arcanist on both characters and Ascendant as well, it would effect both characters very well like hirling effects main Dmg and vice versa.
Farming affixes such as item drops and luck though will be split and need both characters to max out but gold find doesn’t need and fortune 20 on both characters add to goal farming affixes easy.
Hirling also has 100% bonus item drops which is too good.

Definitely worth it using hirling. I mean the game is possible without one but it’s very tricky but I managed to get 26.5k legends on wizard solo so it’s not impossible and that was before I bought hirling. Hirling does make getting different legends easier though so if you want cognition ring due to Push the Limit but your build is in rogue, you can have rogue with other character pairing to farm efficient.