Crystallization system

Since the value of items, as far as the economy is concerned, has plummeted to almost marginally useless in terms of gold, I have thought of an idea to make unused items have long-term value.

The idea is to gain an option to hammer down unused loot to what I call “Crystal fragments” (name subject to change). The higher the item rarity, the more fragments to acquire from crystallizing.

To avoid further cluttering the inventory, “Crystal fragments” (name subject to change) may have a screen of its own. (…and while I am at it, please make CS/MS have their own pages too :laughing:)

Varying quantities of fragments convert to whole Amethysts, Rubies, Topazes, and Obsidians (please set an absurd amount for balancing). Plain legends can be crystallized into random amounts of Ruby fragments and below, with Eternals gaining twice the amount of fragments; Crystal legends can be crystallized to Obsidian fragments and below; Epics can obviously be crystallized to Topaz fragments.

The more affixes of its tier the item has, the more fragments it can get. E.g.: Cataclysm with 5+ legend affixes gain more Ruby fragments (and less topaz fragments) than a Muramasa. Meanwhile, muramasa has a set affix so some of the fragments are amethyst fragments, while the former gets none of the sort.

I hope this gets considered in one form or another :laughing:

Good news: This feature is already on the list :smile:

Whoa that was fast :laughing:


Its partly why items sell value was reduced, in preparation for this. You dont want the item to sell for half of the cost it would take to convert it.

That makes sense.

Looking forward to what Mr. Steiger cooks up :smiley: