Crystals. and gear

Blue stats on gear how do you reroll that or change it? I’ve head a few but don’t make sence.

How do people get the (5)next to the green word. I’ve got a (1) that’s it. And what crystals change that?

Sorry I don’t know the correct Terms of the came talk. I’m learning thanks

Blue stats aka crystal affixes cannot be changed to different affixes. If you want to change them, you will need to use Quartz (removes affixes randomly) and then use Obsidian(adds a random Crystal affix). Crystal affixes can also be rerolled using Diamond(Flourite won’t work).

The number beside set (green) affixes signifies how many equipment with the same affix you are wearing, so wearing more items with the same affix will increase the number. The only other way to increase it is by using the legend jewelry, Stone of Nadroji or Nadroji’s Crystal, or socketing Elixer mythstones on your amulet/ring.

The affix that increases the number by the green affix (Set affix) is All Sets +2.