May I Know Who’s on your list about the Most Strong and Most Weak AI’s as of this Season?
and also, Who’re those annoying ones.

Good Day!
just asking :slight_smile:


strongest ai are in eternal league
weakest ai are in mythic league and below :blush:


True dat. Very strong A.I are immortal build, the barrage build from @luisfsk and other builds. Also @PaNgaHazZz recent arena build seems nice . Not the best but it’s still an immortal but deals more DMG. Semi immortal rather.


Meanwhile my A.I sucks but my build is still capable. I do seem to win 1 away chest a day though so that’s something. Sometimes 2 if I’m lucky. Although I definitely am thinking of other build to change to anyway.

oh thats good

Yep. Also pretty much no cheaters now. The cheaters are at lower league but can’t make it to high league anymore . Our division 1 builds are just that tough. Also cheaters happen to be easy to beat also but there were some that had to be removed and were tricky I guess…

I have no Certain idea bout whats goin on I just heared Things.

Thanks though … signing out now…


1 sachna-san
2 scooty-san
3 luisfk-san
4 Mandel-san
5 ddrake-san
6 defender-san

last time i see gamos in div 4 but sadly no build equip,

I nominate my wizard. Cant pull down on league .

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I nomimate my AI as one of the weak

Your ai nxt into my rougeswap sachie

mine, cause I got top without playing in about one week. mwhahwahwhawahwahwa

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