Cyclone questions

I’ve been using cyclone mythic for farming CS/MS as I like how it essentially pulls all loot right to you (by pulling mobs to you). My questions mostly would pertain to what affixes/sets to get to maximize my farming. Currently can do legend with a fair clear speed on floor 101. Currently running a crit/deadly strike build with mirror. Still don’t have much for crystals, so I can’t do much crafting yet. Soooooo much farm, haha. And yes only reason I’m lookin to up difficulty a bit is increased legend drops. Also, any particular MH any better for cyclone? I generally have no reason to use main skill as I can just keep my finger on cyclone skill and spam it, only stopping to cast mirror. Also might give vial a try with it and drop my crit chance ( maxed at 60% with eternal chest that rolled two ~28% crit chance affixes. Thanks for any advice/tips in advance!

Should have mentioned I’m a level99 rouge.

1.8.1 will change Mythics soon, and none of this will be applicable. Cyclone will be a proc, and you wont be able to spam it.

That is such a sad face. :cry:

No way, its a vast improvement! You will get 3 affix slots back, get to keep your regular skill and your normal talents. Proc rate will be rather high, roughly 40% I think it is.

Guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

Shouldn’t have to wait too long. :wink:

I do cyclone a lot… though with rogue, you could do blink strike proc w ninja… sick. Or a good storm proc is nice… blanket damage.

Yes, mythics changed, but i think they are WAY better now. Especially armor and jewelry, as you get your talents back.