So I was thinking about Cyclone and Whirlwind today and I’m wondering what the benefit of Cyclone is, especially for my build.

Whirlwind does 500% MH damage and gives a move speed bonus while active.

Cyclone only does 300% MH damage.

Whirlwind has a MP cost associated with it, however I’m sure most builds mitigate MP costs…in my case I use bloodmagic and HP Leech so cost doesn’t really effect me.

If Cyclone procs, obviously Whirlwind can’t be active because they can’t both be active at the same time.

Cyclone has the taunt feature associated with it, but it doesn’t seem to taunt enemies until the end so that isn’t super useful…and also, for me, I have taunt on my OH and a Taunt proc talent on my helm. The cyclone taunt doesn’t plant the totem in the ground to do extra damage either.

All in all, I’m not seeing the benefit of Cyclone. What am I missing? Maybe cyclone should be 600 or 800% MH damage?

personally, i find cyclone kinda useless. the procs too unreliable with far too long internal cd that often doesnt proc at all. definitely not something i bother with anymore

Cyclone had that infamous cyclone bug for longest time until recently but Cyclone is either like it or dislike it. I didn’t quite like cyclone either but cyclone can be used nicely as I’ve seen with @TeaCup and I could use it alright but it depends really.

Bombard was also another mythic that I was hit and miss on. It deals alright damage but its not guaranteed that all the bombard hits as well as lower hits and damage to enemies or players. It does happen a bit though and can affect multiple enemies definitely. In PvP , it wasn’t that powerful but then again, I did remember being able to use it very well before I tested CosmicOrb.

Seems like cosmicorb is way too good in comparison to other mythics. Earthquake had its uses in PvP for a while as it was pretty OP until stun nerfs and when blinkstrike used to be popular. Its not the most damaging of course but you can have multiple of them which is quite the cool thing. Cosmic Orb and Living force is super good also.

Apocalypse . well it’s an alright mythic also and I remembered when it used to be possible to have way too many Apocalypse but now its like 3 but it can happen a lot. Its better than Fury Proc on gear for those builds but it depends.

Rockblast. Potent on single people but that aim though and its only on one direction. It is very good with living force but I did miss when it used to explode. It was probably too powerful when it exploded though. I think it was once used effectively in PvP also and its something.


Did Cyclone get nerfed at some point? When I first played in about 2014 or 2015, I was awesome. I don’t think it was a proc because I remember it running all the time. Now it is a 30% proc?