So im a newbie in this game. and would really wanna be kirito in pvp, but seeing these mages in Mythic rank spam elementals and disables really grinds ma gear. can anyone tell me im stupid to think dagger user can dominate arena? or is there really a way to atleast counter those mages with rogue using daggers?

Try using dagger with bomd​:smile: blinkstrike then use bomb to go away with the enemy, well after finishing my build im trying to build something with dagger​:smile: make contact with enemy then run then hit again​:joy::joy: well nevermind what im saying, im just nothing here​:joy::joy:

Dagger isnt a very powerful attack since its low scale low range only thing going for it is speed but thats not top of the class either… you could use discordance and an eternal oby dagger or somethign like that so your always ontop of the enemy and use a mythic to deal the majority of the damage for you

try using masochist dagger,WD% +Barb​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: then try using epiphany bonus​:smile: i’ved encountered before a rouge who focuses on dagger specially blinkstrike and i may say its strong and cool​:smile:

Combine it with Ninja Set Affix, so you will be casting limitless Blinkstrikes when QuickAttacking

Its very rare to see dagger build that has quickattack and blinkstrike on it. I suggest you focus on high attack dmge/crit and 40k hp with armor crystal. Typical sets are defiant and fauns gift. Use bomb to blind enemies. They dont have blind immune. But u will have a hard time to kill regen type builds. Tip: use sureshot/enigma if you are focusing on high dmge. Also try asking @deathGG he can help you on it :wink:. Who knows maybe u can make it the new meta this season :slight_smile:.


tnx for the ideas and suggestions guys but honestly i still can’t relate to everything you say, i just started playing this since 5 days ago and my greatest acheivement so far is only resetting my lvl back to 1, Ascendent I, i think. So i’m just about to discover how to discover Mythics (and please don’t spoil me on that…) and so for now, that i think there’s hope to dominate arena with my daggers, i think i’ll continue this journey… tnx guys :heart_eyes:

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Dude that is a very OP build if you finish it. You need high hp and sanctuary for it to be perfect. Getting near an enemy is hard esp in eternal league but you have blink strike for that, not only you get to go near enemy but you can damage them real bad also. GLHF!

when a pure damage dagger hits immortals and kill them in one round​:joy::joy: thats my target​:smile: my mentor had killed immo’s in 1 round with storm and i want it in dagger style​:joy::joy::joy: maybe for cuzeg the best is his orb reactor​:joy::joy: well it damage a lot too​:joy::joy:

No immortal will be one shot legitimately. It sounds like it could but no. Not in one round.

my mentor and i have done it many times​:joy::joy: well he can beat mandlebrot in 1round but i beat mandlebrot in2 rounds while the other immo’s are beatable in one round​:joy::joy: yeah its hard to one shot them but consecutive high damage can kill them easy​:joy::joy: why cant you accept that fact​:smile: if you want some proof i can show you some but not here​:joy::joy: i dont know how to post pics. here and if you ask for vids? i cant show you, remember im in the banned league

lol. tl

I think immortals can be killed in one hit, with enough damage of course.

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I can shot Mr. Scooty on round 1, but not mandelbrot