Dama Dama No Mi [ Wizard : PvE Build 2.3 Patch]

This Build definatily not for new player, it will consume a lot of crystal just to make every single affix are perfect. Since I expect more experienced player to read it, so I don’t think explaining 1 by 1 what this do & what that do are necessary.

MH Special Skill : Orb (with reactor Set ofcoz)
OH Special Skill : Smoke Bomb.

All hero point on Power (299)

20 Heroic on Orb
20 Heroic on Teleport
20 Heroic on Dexterity
20 Heroic on Intelligent

DPS when attack mobs, stacking arcane debuff on pack size map (Without Power Shrine)

DPS when attack mobs, stacking arcane rebuff with power shrine on pack size map.

Note: From both stat page, element grit show 300% in fact on build pic, its only 200%, So just let u guys know that I remove +100% element crit on ring to add +2 multi attack. Still those change should not effect what DPs show since element crit only effect on element crit, while +2 multi attack effect on discordance not really show in dps stat.

**Just another note lol, in case if any of u curious about anything on this build or about the combo of anything on this build. U can ask. Just don’t req video/footage coz my device still not rooted, and not update OS yet to allow me record without rooting.



  1. Remove another element crit (on necklace) replace it with another +2 multi attack.
  2. Change talent on ring to magnify,
    Reason: increase smoke bomb effect area. Cosmic orb shooting barrage range, Increase Orbit/Celestial spinning range before coming back (due to living force), increase arc jump range (idk tho but it seem so). Increase nova explosion range. All by 4yard [magnify 20], too much benefit, can’t let it slip away. :slight_smile:

Just some random footage lol. Cut the video tho, so the bid only when the legend & mythic feat happen.

That quality tho, (don’t ask about that) haha


Thank you so much for taking time to provide another amazing build. You are the best!!


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Dmg @@

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Thanks @Mr_Scooty & @4evertin, Arcanist shine~ haha

yay another awesome build. lel onepiece fan

@cronos4321 does adding +2 multiattack inc dmg of special (discordance) significantly ? i mean is the dmg boost is big compare to having no +2multi affix?

Yes it is,

First of all orb special skill deal 200% WD, blast deal 150% damage. With 20 heroic on orb skill +100% damage, the damage for normal special orb will be 400%, while using discordance, the damage between orb and blast are swapped, mean orb deal 150% damage, with 20 heroic on orb, +100% damage, orb damage now are 300%, discordance effect, each multi attack grand +50% damage on special considering that become primary, with +2 multi attack, it boost orb damage by 100%, mean my orb damage are 600%, don’t forget, its discordance, spamable orb bcoz its my primary now, consume low MP and yet deal higher than normal orbs special. Marvelous.!!

Beside reactor arc deal damage base of orb damage, mean higher orb damage, more higher arc damage become.

And since arc effected by orb damage while orb damage effected by living force. So its very very very worth it to boost orb damage from the very start.

Orb 600% on return +100% with living force the orb damage become 1200%, arc deal +62.5% orb damage per 0.5 sec. Arc also beam up to 5 target, which is gonna trigger arcanist set affix effect +20% damage for each enemy with arcane debuff, 5 target with single orb/arc= +100% damage,
Now count if I just spam orb, lol there gonna be hellish a lot arc beaming and a lot mobs effected there~

+2 multi attack are important and will give very big different in damage. Hope that the explanation are clear and understandable.

Opss very long explanation for only +2 multiattack. Haha

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dang @cronos4321 i really appreciate ur very detailed xplanation thank u for ur time and effort. i was thinkin of applyin this on rogue char for stealth.for higher survival rate but atleast max lvl10 orb only i can achive w/ rogue from 2x +5 skill myth on both wep.

do u think this build will stil be good on rogue?

though i know dmg would be much lower compare to wiz becuz of amplify and empower , focus talents

so 600% inc to 1200% if add 1 more +2multi right ?
if i use mutilate rogue talent w/c inc xtra and multi dmg will it inc also the dmg inc% from multi upon using discordance?

sorry i got so many questions just curious

yes it. its just i dont have more free slot for that another +2 Multi attack lol.

for mulitate +damage of MA effected discordance boost idk about that, not big fan of rogue tho so im not test it yet. for end burst damage it almost similar, wiz have empower and amplify while rogue have relentless and dexcesios whatever that talent name lol. the one increase crit damage beyond cap suit your permastealth.


Sorry for 1 small mistake tho…

u need to know ur primary attack base damage first to know what ur orb damage after swap. just use mine MH gauntlet for example. its 150% primary base damage. with another extra +2MA its not 1200%. its 900% coz of 4MA= 200%.

300%x2= 600% + 300% Orb damage = 900%

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ic tnx for the xplanation i understand it now

im done w/ the build lel use it on my wiz in 1800 flor m3 no problem at all realy strong build no survivality issues since all mobs just die b4 they can get near u. w/elec stun and ice froze helps disable the mobs (skyfall will be the only problem and meteors)

though i made a bit twist on it instead of adding cdmg i use 2x weaken 90% use 2x30% dodge too since i dont have dodge% on pet. instead of regenertion on ring i put explosive. didnt craft nova and desperation to save some slot

@cronos4321 not a fan of wiz b4 since i die a lot using it. but cuz of this build it bacame my fav char lol. tnx for the wonderfull build once again

That probably why some ppl waiting me to release new build guide I guess lol.

Anyway glad u like it, more love for wizard user~ haha


making an OP build really is your path bro good job and thanks for sharing this ^^


When I got eternal Sera on patch 2.1, I feel very unlucky as it have great affix but stuck with ascendent. That was a time when ascendent don’t have arcanist to support arcane damage, but now I just feel very lucky as that pet now viable to use, not to mention it have 20% dodge and 150% crit damage. That affix actually the reason of why I can complete this build. I mean I don’t need rage set affix to max my crit damage to the cap haha

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as always your creating OP build +1 to this :grin:

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Nice build I have almost everything to make it also…tehe

Its not OP build to begin with tho, its have so much error when I first make it. Those legend affix really make me crazy, need to use a lot ruby to get 1 perfect rolled while its not 100% give what I want…

So when I already use a lot crystal for that, it will be waste if I just stop or give up, so there is what I got after alot crystal used for it. At least the crystal not die in vain~ haha

Wish ur luck. :slight_smile:

I know that feeling bro haha those ruby who sacrifice to get the perfect roll I guess RNG play with you because you already have tons of crystal stack up there waiting for 2.3 :grin: also that pet is killing me you sure are a lucky guy

just a quick question.
which orb did u craft it from?

After a long break, here you are with another sick build!

Thanks for sharing.