Damage / Hit Points / Balance

Been messing around with multiple Gear Setups now that I have a ton of drops to choose from. Something has me drawing a blank.

Every item you get, when you click on it before you equip it while it is in your bag, you can compare it’s Damage / Protection / HPs to what you are currently wearing to see if it is worth it. I found two with “Balance” on it. Long story short this is supposed to give me more HPs per the “Balance”. I read an old thread that said the percentage of the “Balance” is in your stats page. When I look that up, it says 40%.

BUT, when I go to the Practice Arena and check my stats, my HP total is 3000 less and my DPS drops by 200 points; even though both highlighted all three bars green before I equipped them prior to putting them on.

Why is that?

Thanks in advance.

I think because practice arena caps your level at 20?

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balance at max roll per affix is 25% as i remember. in arena item scaled to lvl20. at lvl20 balance affix max roll is only 7% if i correct.

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Thanks all… I guess I could have done a better job with my description.

My normal PVP set = 15000 HPs 500 Power

Both the pieces with balance show all three bars green against my normal pieces that I use. So I figured they were better than what I was using.

I put them on and go back to the arena to see, and my HPs are 3000 lower and 200 Power lower.