Dash skill that feels good?

So I’ve been playing as a wizard using teleport and storm mostly. And it feels like cheating, I teleport everywhere around the map and just cast storm which insta shots most enemies, then i do the minigame of can i pickup loot while teleporting…

I’m wondering if the other 2 clases, rouge and warrior have any dash or speed buff skills that feel awesome to use? Or if wizard has any like that instead of teleport? I like movement but god damn teleport feels so off…

Every class has its own play style. The other two classes also have skills to increase movement speed (Vault & Sprint) but they’re not as good as Teleport :sweat_smile:

Ok so sprint and vault, any other spells that increase movement?

Rogue also has Swap, but the range is not very high
As I said, every class has its own play style
Try them all and figure it out which works best for you :slight_smile:

Yeah I wanted to ask around before trying everything… I like playing 1 character only… I just downloaded the beta version and it seems teleport cooldown was nerfed. I also died just now on very easy… This will be a challenge xD