"Dauntless" effect

Is it 1% or 5% per enemy? Codex and Item say different things…

Items are generally correct, I’d say 99% items correct… idk any items that are wrong i dont think?

Well, reading the Codex it should be 5%, while the item says 1%… that feels like a scam :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I really feel 1% is a bit low for a Mythic affix, but nonetheless I’ll try it in my build

on the Item, is there a limit/cap for how much damage reduction there is? in the Codex, it’s 60%, so if there are more than 12 enemies, no more protection.

if there isn’t any limit, then you just need to have Pack Size Maps to get decent protection with Dauntless. at 1% per enemy nearby, this wouldn’t be good on Maps with few monster mobs.