Deadly Arts + Deadly Strike QUESTION!?

is it good combination to have more or high damage prenvention/reduction?

At early levels yes if you are on M3 Floor 200-350+ . Based on my experience at M3 Floor 800 it is pointless,since mobs can kill you in one hit even if your damage reduction from deadly arts is 75% from deadly strike.

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In PvP it can work if you got 24% damage Reduction and combos nicely with the ability to keep crit and deadly strike. Best in DMG builds with a hint of damage Reduction but more so DMG.

But better builds are more into balance and deadly arts isn’t necessary since they won’t need to crit let alone deadly strike. Another reason is due to flawless victory.

I have a very good eternal deadly arts pet for PvP I happened to be lucky having ages ago.

In PvE, DMG Reduction not worth the affixes but the reset CD can work to a favour.