Defensive stats for wizard in high floors

I’m starting to find that going into floors 400+, it doesn’t matter how much hp/dodge I have, because I get oneshot anyways.

I’m currently using an equivalence+balance+harmony build with my defiant orb+adventurer+momentum set (with hp/mp leech on two crystal affixes and dodge on two more), but I’m still dying a lot more than I’d like.

How do people stay alive on high floors?

I’ve noticed some builds ignore defence altogether and go straight for CC effects + pure damage. Does that work, and if I do that how do I deal with projectiles?

Just maneuver your way.

that is the reason why i deleted my double ascended pseudo green garden wizard and started on warrior because of % 100 block may be achieved after a period of hard farming… yet wizard has no reliable source of protection aside from hyper armor which is not overprotective when you stop hitting

Use Manashield.

not only that, but every class can attajn decent survivability just by utilizing dodge and block… no special skills required.

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Yep. We know that in higher floor HP is irrelevant thus investing to dodge and blocks.

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