Hi guys. Can someone help me to understand how defiant works? And about mercenary. Does is still work even if i convert throwsword to wirlwind? I mean the +500% damage. Thanks

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Basically, Defiant gives you more Damage boost and Survivability as your Hp drops to dangerous levels.

In paper I think Mercenary isnt a good affix because of the three restriction it has.

  1. You have to use the sword.
  2. It has only 25% chance to proc.
  3. And only if the enemies have their Hp below 25%.

I think it should work because the skill is still using the sword.

I got curious and tried to build a Mercenary Defiant Whirlwind build so I could tell you what the feel is when using said affixes. Here is the link to the video:


@LK_Stradmore thank you very much. .i think machonism + defiant will work good. About mercenary I’ll think about it again. Just trying to figured out what warrior build is good :thinking:.

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Thats two of the affixes I utilized with in the video. The current setup unfortunately does not yet utilize Crystal Affixes, Eternals and Mythics and thus unoptimized can be upgraded to one’s specifications. I can show you my setup if you want to try it out.

I think the bonus damage of the mercenary made an impact in my build as even the slightest of chance it does trigger, 500% Dmg proc can still be multiplied by other factors such as Demonic and Execute Dmg(not sure if it can crit though). Still, try to experiment with it whenever you have free time and resource.

Good luck!


one of the cool things with Defiant is the +25% Dmg & Dmg Reduction. doesn’t matter if you have Defiant(1) or (8). this makes it good for beginner players, if they find it early in the game. being able to keep your HP lower to make use of the +5% Dmg & Dmg Reduction per Rank of your Missing HP % is the harder part. that is what makes Masochism & Defiant a good combination.

Swords are low damage Weapons. using Mercenary with Crushing Flames or just Crushing Blow might be a good idea, as these lower HP fast to the 25% where Mercenary damage can start to work.