Defiant + Masochism

Playing around with ideas, thought Defiant and Masochism would go together quite nicely. Anyone been thinking along the same lines?


I dont like masochism very much because its possible to kill yourself, not a big fan of that

Set affixes? Man, I’m stoked about six legend ED% affixes. :joy:

Im liking the new smokebomb affix, its pretty cool. Currently working on a build with high dodge/block and able to stun with elemental crit and smokebomb.

If you make the build right the effects wont damage you, such as harmony+mana drain, and if your feeling so worried about it then just add vamperic touch… Take away the thing thats killing you or just take it like you own it :joy:

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of to get defiant with amestist ? I’m afraid to spend mine and not have her choice

Anyway defiant isn’t available on amethyst unfortunately so you have to find defiant items such as mutiny/insolance. That isn’t much of a problem to me though because I enjoy farming sometimes and enjoying this update.

understood, thanks for explaining

Yw :slight_smile: