Defiant Set

Having trouble finding this one.

What floor does it start dropping?

Running nadjori bonus and high luck / drop

Looked Insolence over 4 ascensions, with a LOT of exp farming at floor lvl 201-350. Not one dropped. Then I ditched the idea of having one. After that I have had 4 of them drop. Only had 2x mutiny drop all in all. So basically it seems rare to me, but nomatter what - the rng gods can be kind or unkind, depending on their mood.

floor 200 kill epic enemy

Thabk you both.

Would farming floor 200 work since it says “past floor 200?”

Yes, that will work.

Respawn endlessly at floor 200 with Hunter Mythic, or the Perk and/or Shrined Perk. Only run forward to the shrines that are right in front of you (if they aren’t, reload) and kill them with Luck maxed (with Epiphany the better) and Nadroji.

Fastest way to kill epic enemies which can drop Mutiny/Ragnarok/Insolence.

This is how I finally got my 2 Mutiny Gauntlets.

create hunter mythic item bro :smiley: or unlock hunter perk.

6 hours of farming and I’ve gotten 1 insolence, 1 mutiny, and about 12 difference nadjori pieces :,(

I’m curious? What’s your luck, gold find and item drops? Is it 1012% luck with 350% item drops? Obviously needing hirling.

seriously? what for? get any skullshield item and change its special to shieldwall. buff skullshield then shieldwall then unequip

Enlighten me - what happens when shield wall times out?

Can you get Ragnarok on floor 200? I’ve out about 10 hours into try and I’m about to toss my phone through a wall

Try floor 201, any difficulty. Legendex says found past floor 200. Will drop from epic and epic plus monsters. It will drop when you’re not expecting it to drop. GL

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Your luck is like mine. I made floor 2000 and quit pushing before I found like 3 in one day rushing enslavers just over floor 200

Hopefully this helps someone else, but I dropped down to floor 180. Floor 200 opens up a TON of rare legend options, so finding Ragnarok out of all of them is unlikely. Floor 180 has some Nadjori and Rag. I’ve gotten 2 now. The first a crystal… of course lol

Ragnarok comes a lot though when above floor 200 imo and it can even come a lot of you constantly farm floor 200 for gold and eternals. Seriously got like 10 ragnarok in total (used 6 of them up).

i got this from spamming floor 200 in max luck and nadroji. ( also got the plus 300% crystal/eternal drop rate perk ) I dunno if its actually workable since i wanted one that can be edited.

shield wall will share the same duration as skull shield

As in, it’ll stay untill ‘broken’ or normal duration/faster cooldown?
Not sure I understand it.

unlimited shield wall. you will notice it from the movespeed buff of your character