Delayed Ads

For whatever reason, sometimes when I click to play an ad in the loading screen (for a free bonus), it doesn’t play. Sometimes, it never played. However, sometimes, in the middle of a map it will start playing; I’ve had this happen both while in my inventory and while in the middle of fighting monsters.

Hey HarleyM! Please contact the support. I am sure, they will help you as soon as they can:

Help me with…what, exactly?

The best would be if you describe the issue to the support again, since I can’t do much about it.

I’m not really sure what they would do either. I figured this was most appropriate just as a bug report? But I can submit it as a bug there, too, I guess!

Looking at the docs and FAQ’s for our ad providers, “delayed ads” can be caused by a few issues. This is may not pertain to you, but thought it may give some context.

  1. an intermittent data connection. These types of connections are not constant but only provide data when it is asked for. Many hotels that offer free wifi use this type of internet connection. By the time the ad service is told that an ad as been requested by the user (you press the ad button for example) the user has already proceeded to the game. This is usually a limited occurrence since the ad will then be cached locally and can be played again later when requested.

  2. Certain android OS version do not allow for local data caching. This means that instead of already having an ad ready to show by having it cached on the users device, the ad must be streamed to the game. If a connection is too slow then the stream will be ignored and the user will continue to the game.

  3. Certain ad block programs don’t actually do a good job of blocking ads (this last one is just an opinion I have come up with during my time testing various memory altering apps).

The fact they pop up during game play is annoying for sure and have never been intended on our end. I will put a bug in for this and see if we can do anything to address the ads playing during game play.

Sounds good! It is my Kindle Fire that I most frequently have the issue with - most of the time the ad never appears at all, though, after pressing the button. It has led to a lot of device-swapping with my android phone (which doesn’t have the battery to sustain extended play) to get the benefit of the ad-boosts!

This happened once in arena for me but I have also different problem with ads. After watching 2 ads, they won’t appear anymore and I need to restart my phone to watch them again. That’s really strange :smiley: