Hi any admin here can help me with my problem? My wizard class just deleveled from level 99 back to level 5 something. It happened when I used him as hireling of my rogue. Am epic monster from shrine killed him ang when I revived him, I can only see his robe, no head or any body parts visible. So I went back to main menu and played it again. To my surprise it wa level5 something but he still got his armora level 90-100 and I noticed the level of the item is in red, meaning it doesn’t reach its level requirement. I tried to level it again but there is a bug in designating the points in power,hp,mp. Even if I press to raise the points, it doesn’t subtract from the points given. Example I press power, it raises but the HP points decreases.

Hey! Please contact our support including your DQ-email address.
I am sure they will help you:

Its a bug. But the support team should be able to help you.