Demon Set and Shoulders Query

I’m new in the game and I just bought the Demon set (inclusive of demon horn, wings, eyes and sigil). My question is… is it for looks only? Does it give any additional stats?

I think they are just vanity items

Well, you spend real money for those items so I think it is just fair that it gives an additional stats…

So you think it has to be pay 2 win? Thats some nice bullshit you got there…
Nowhere stands that they do give boni, so why buy them if you didnt want them just for style?

Yeah this is one of the .01% of games that are play to win and dungeon quest is awesome if you want to pay your way to the top play another game.

Do you have problems with people who are willing to pay to win? I was just saying what I thought was fair for people who spend real money to support the developers.

I don’t have a problem with people who pay to win 90% of the time they aren’t any good even after spending money. My problem is that you feel you deserve a one up cause you can spend money. This game is play to win if they started going pay to win it wouldn’t be any different than the 1000s other games. And in this market being different is what they need.

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Yes I feel that I deserve some bonus because I paid/used real money that I earned. Do you honestly believe that this game will survive without the support from the people who pay to win? How do you expect the developer to support the financial needs of this game? The developer needs financial support and this is not a charity. And I know that I have helped the developer by being a pay to win player. Unlike you who are trying to discourage player that are spending real money and telling them to find another game.

They have tools in place to generate money without showing basis to certain players. I pay money just as you do I have all both of the extra character slot and all the vanity packages. If you feel like you deserve a one up cause your contributing to the expansion of the game then this game isn’t probably a good fit for you. I buy luck charms constantly to help the game grow. I’m satisfied with this game and don’t feel like I need to be compensated for helping.

Ok thanks for clearing things up. Sorry for my rant but that is what I thought, that’s my idea so please respect it as I respect yours. It’s been nice talking to you. Hope to see you when multiplayer comes up. :smiley: