Desperation And Energy

Can the desperation Mythic and energy Mythic work simultaneously? How does that work?

Energy is a resource affix, and you can only use 1 resource affix, i havnt try desperation i dont know if its resorce affix, if it is, then tgey wont work together if its not then they work together,

Ii don’t know… But I think desperation is not considered as a resource affix.

No, they dont work, and even if they did then you wouldnt gain any bonuses from energy because the description says that you gain improved damage for the more energy that you have but desperation would only work when you had no energy so its kind of a badly designed idea… :confused:

okay got that, thx!

Well apparently harmony works with energy even though it says only one resource mythic only and how!? I am asking you as well as others.

Yes it works but the energy doesnt translate into health or if it does then it isnt enough to be noticed. Also there are some other combinations that work but if they are the type of recource system that counteract eachother such as energy and fury then only one would work. So basically you could use desperation and harmony i believe but that requires enough cast rate to ne effective but you get the idea about how they dont always counteract but they normally do…

Harmony is not a resource system ^^ that’s why

Desperation should work with energy. However as Teacup mentioned, it’s a bad idea to combine the two.

right combination will work. for the question IMO energy and desperation are not a good combination. and not worth at all to have those as combination…

Infos = all head part mythic is about healing. there are none is resource system. all resouce system mythic is the one that can be make on any part.

Thx for the response. Confusing the game is (yoda speech). I then looked back to think that resource mythic is on every part of the gear but I thought harmony shouldn’t count if it works. Now I know that my doubts were correct.

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Just want to ask if i have a desperation mhytic, then the skill that i want to use is 4kmp, but my mp is 3k only, will i able to use that skill bcoz of desperation? Tia

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Thanks @kevs926. I actually learned it the hardway haha.