Diablo 2 Inspiration

I’m wondering how many of you in here who played too much Diablo 2 back in the day and got hooked when they discovered DQ? :joy:


D1 & D2 player here :smiley:

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D2 is my fav game of all time. Spent 2+ years on that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree there is a similarity bt DQ & D2, especially in the loot drop system which IMO is one of the best in the App Store.

The major difference bt the 2…storyline.


D2 is one of the first games I could say that I got addicted to, and I loved every moment of it :slight_smile:

I lost a lot of sleep during my High School years because of that game…

DQ is definitely a bit of a homage to D2.


Man I miss PKI g people in hardcore mode back in the day

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I ment Pk. I also think they should put a chat system in like d2 where there are the lobby channels then. You just start your game and it kinda just leaves it. I really wish there was a way to talk besides the forums

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Played D2 on and off for roughly 12 years. Avid D2jsp user.

This gives me some serious nostalgia

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Played d2 for years on and off again and almost every summer just for fun. This game is just as addictive when it comes to mf and finding loot.


Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Expansion was my favorite. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t play D2 but played Path of Exile which eventually did hook me up with this game :grin:

Any news for upcoming patch or teaser? Sorry been busy in past just recently come back here check any new stuff from this game :sweat_smile:

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Speaking of… I saw you recently in the Path of Exile subreddit. I was trying to think of where I recognized your name, now I remember :stuck_out_tongue:

News is that we’re working hard, both on DQ updates and on a new project. Once we’re ready we’ll share more details for both :slight_smile:


I wish that PoE weren’t an online-only game :
Such games are destined to die at a certain point…

same with me! I’ve been playing D2 for almost 2 years and till now I still had it on my PC :smile: as what @SteigerBox said, DQ was inspired by Diablo that’s why it had a lot of similarities :smile:

that would be awesome! :smile:

Man I miss farming Baal, Diablo, Pindelskin, Mephisto, Andariel, Eldritch the Rectifier+Shenk the Overseer, Countess or the area you prefer over and over for awesome items! so, sad D3 was nowhere better than D2.


Yo bro! :smile: didn’t know you we’re playing D2 too!

Same with me Sir :smile: miss the old times staying late at night doing fast runs and farming Countess and Baal over and over for good drops. Or trade some nice gear and then wake up the next day the gear is poofed :laughing: I could say D2 was the best PC game I’ve ever played back in the day. I wonder what could you say about D3 now?

i played d2 and d2:lord of destruction long time ago and i was very addicted to it. :smiley: . that was the first action role playing game i have played back when i was in 6th grade year 2002 if i’m not mistaken. and i played it again when i was on my high school and college days, that was the most unforgettable game i have ever played. it was very addicting. :blush:

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best game ever you know :smile:

The only word that describes my mood correctly when I read this stuff is:

(Comming from an old PoE player aswell)