Dickwads (all characters) Chimera pvp builds


Here is the thread that I will post all my chimera builds for people to study and ridicule. My basic idea was to build character’s that had flexibility in game play due to weapon switch’s but item economy as every over equipped item remains unchanged. I know other’s are experimenting with their own version’s of the chimera ( eg @Golem ) and should feel free to post their results here. The best place to start is with my latest creation… The chimera pistoleers rogue

. The build currently has max dodge and 54 block. Uses storm and timewarp as well as mirror images and switch and reflect damage. I am going to make mythic pistols too such as cosmiorb and appocalypse When she gets bored of pistols she gets out her boomerang and new pet

Game help!

haha, nice. I was wondering when you would get all your builds in one thread. I haven’t gotten farther than thinking of a few chimera builds, but the builds you have made, tested, and shared with every one are pretty good. whether for making chimera builds or just a single kind of build. keep up the good work.


Thank you @Golem :slight_smile:. Later today I will add my other Chimera characters to this thread. For those who have already seen them in do apologise. I would also thank all the regulars (@CuzegSpiked and @ObiWanKenobi especially ) for all their suggestions which have helped me to developed the CHIMERA build


The Chimera warrior

Two mayhem eternal items i don’t think are really needed as procs occur just as reliable in pvp with an item socketed with a master stone. So it can be tweeked


The Chimera wizard


Th Chimera bow user


Well there it is my basic chimera idea build . I will tweek it and put it on here. Anyone who has better ideas can put their interpretation here. Many heads are better than one. For example I could replace the mayhem head and body on my rogue for something else if I use these


If I can bring all the various ideas together into one then the result would be sensational. But that’s all for next year . Have a good new year . Off to watch the last harry potter. I’ve just had an idea. :slight_smile:


To bring all these ideas together in need only two eternal items. First I have which is the lovely eternal cataclysm ring with its super procs that actually work in pvp. The second I have yet to find which is the eternal nadroji amulet with its massive boosts to sets , skills and talents. These two items would be the ultimate Chimera essential items. Everything else could be crystal and mythic crafted items. Quite ironic that two items of jewellery can condense this build :slight_smile:


Tweaked warrior



Well here it is finally. My chimera clan tested in AI (after all when I’m offine my AI settings are what matter). The Chimera thread is finished. Hope you like it @Golem @ObiWanKenobi and @CuzegSpiked


Ultimately this build was made redundant by the deadly sins build I did next :slight_smile:


not really. the DS Build Concept really takes a lot of thought to make the few spaces available into a Magically Wonderful Build. the Chimera Build Concept allows you to have a build that you only have to switch out 1-2 items, instead of making more sets of builds that you don’t have enough bag space for, and you can handle any situation in PVE/PVP. both builds are very different, but do basically the same thing. Farming/Climbing/PVP better. it is Crafting like this that expands the Dungeons of DQ for everyone. looking forward to your next Crafting Idea.


Two things make both build obsolete. Eternal cataclysm ring and eternal nadrojI amulet. You could use mythics for the rest. Or an eternal chest/head mayhem with 3 mythics. But rings are enough


Oh I forgot to add if you are making the a farming build using the elemental damage included with the set then keep plenty of calcite in your bags in case you meet an immune boss. Changing the element of the item automatically changes the damage to that element. Calcite are cheap as chips


or have some kind of prismatic in your build, so you don’t have to change the elements all the time, but element damage on an item needs to be the same as one of your weapons to be useful. or you could use your millions of Calcite. :slight_smile:


Prismatic … ahhhhh !.. Maybe I could add it to my pet ?


I think one of the pets has the Ascendant Set. or if Wizard, the Prismatic Talent +10 on the pet.


I will have to go and look. Cheers golem