Dickwads (all characters) Chimera pvp builds


Lol I must be tired. Should have posted these comments on our deadly sins thread. Never mind :rage:


I’m revisiting the chimera after @Mr_Scooty r revealed the immortal build.


A good chimera would have immortal influences but ring switches rather than weapon switches. An idea @Golem once suggested. I’m currently crafting a lot of rings and jaspering eternal ones. Two eternal so high on my agenda are natural justice and the rogue one with 20 strength and storm proc and a socket for elixir


it was for my Farm Build. a great farm build would have Eternalized, Mythic, 2x Nadroji & Bonus, and Crystal. that is 5 items in the build using Farm Sets, leaving the OH and Pet for other Set Affixes for damage or whatever. I decided that for my Farm Build, Nadroji Chest and Ring, and use the Head item for the other 3, just switch them out depending on what I want to farm for.


@Golem I swapped crystalline with ephany to max luck etc. I rely on on my ascensions for crystalline. I use 2 nadroji, 2 eternal, 1 ephany and some eternal skullshield with 20 fortune


right now I am contemplating using Ascendent and Arcanist with Demonic (I have the Hell Slime), and keeping Defiant on my MH (which gives extra damage when I hit monsters with Thorns). this would work well on Pack Size maps, which I like using for farming. finally up to floor 953 M3.


Explain how thorns builds work mate


Anyway my current ring swaps for my Dickwadcharacter are


ahh, I don’t have the Thorns, the monster does. a monster that has Thorns takes 10% of my current HP, kind of like Crushing Blow, so with a little Regen and some HP on Hit, as long as I am hitting the monster, I wont die, unless the monster hits me for enough damage to kill me while my HP is low. Defiant deals +25% damage, with another +25% of my missing HP%, so when my HP goes down from Thorns, I end up doing more damage with Defiant. Defiant and Blood Magic would make a good anti Thorn Build combination. most players just make a kill the monster fast build, so they don’t have to worry about Thorns, but if you aren’t killing the monster fast, then doing more damage from lower HP because of Thorns might be the next best thing. if you had Sanctuary, when it activates, for a short time, you would be at 10% HP, Blood Magic would give you a +72% damage spike for a moment, and Defiant would be +25% + 22.5% = +47.5% damage spike.


Haha nice