Dickwads and Golems SEVEN DEADLY SINS pvp build for all characters


I think eternal nadroji amulet and perfect cataclysm ring would be awesome. After that there’s no worrying about procs , sets , skills or talents. The rest of the build is anything you want


This build needs a few diamond stat rolls and obviously Merlin’s imp and changes to items natures etc. Its hilarious to play :slight_smile::smiling_imp:


I hope you all like this funny build @Golem , @mylifeisfunny, @ObiWanKenobi, @slimycucumber and @CuzegSpiked . Best of all the procs spawn in PvP with disturbing regularity. Its never a build to top the league but … Lol


haha. good stuff man


Thank you. So basically its a skullshield summoner wizard that abuses procs courtesy of the deadly sins sets bonuses. I can tweak the procs I use and maybe replace one of my explosive affixes with another proc (eg summon fury, taunt, mirror image etc etc ). Going to create a warrior and rogue variant too. This is fun :slight_smile:


don’t think of it as abusing the proc’s, it is more like you are making use of the few resources you have available to you. have you thought of switching Meteor to Storm? I know there are a lot of players who like using Meteor, but as for me, I find it easier to use Storm. but it is driving me crazy, because I really like using Twister.
@dickwad I have to admit, I am really impressed with this build. I know you are using it in PVP, but have you tested it out in PVE to see how it does there? your build has me totally rethinking my farm build to be a Deadly Sins Farming Proc Build. maybe.


Viable in pve but don’t go to crazy floor something. I know it’s good for getting 5 million gold per floor (@ObiWanKenobi). Crystalline affixes don’t get boosted but I’m sure you can create a build @Golem :blush:Storm sounds good. Throwsword works well but it spawns along with the main spell and follows the same route towards the enemy. So is it needed at all? So maybe exchange it for storm which covers a wider area ?


Hold on @Golem just had a brainwave . The set boosts percent procs. Maybe epic max block and dodge could really work. That’s what you will need for higher floors. It certainly boosts legends like glass cannon etc


Or legends like percent weapon damage. . Forget that one. It’s impossible


well, I recently decided to try out all the MH Specials just to see how I like using them, and realized that I like Storm best. but that is with the build I am using. my problem with Meteor was having it go where I want it when I want it. with Storm, I know it is centered on me, and anyone/anything that gets near me is going to get hurt. for the 6DS build you have, I would keep the Sword Proc since that gives you a ranged attack that does good damage. I guess the downside to Storm is you can only have 1 at a time. I don’t know if it is the same using it as a Proc. I just looked at your build again, and you already have Meteor as a Proc, so it might be better to have Storm as your Special Skill for those pesky players who vault/blink/teleport to get close to use their short ranged attacks.


Maybe have blink strike as a proc with storm as a special. Decisions decisions lol


Hmm I can loose meteor as a proc because I have it as a skill. Then if I had storm off hand. Wow. Then I can add another proc.


Storm is MH Special, and would make a better Special than a proc. being able to control the Storm, with random Meteors falling around with the other proc’s, sounds like a better deal.


Will try it :slight_smile:


Another fury proc is needed instead of one of the two explosive. Get storm as a skill. Then bingo. Job done. An army of minions and procs


lol, nice


Its just like the anime merlin, she never shows up. Its really called six deadly sins , the 7th is there for good luck merlin is a hot looking one though if you’ve seen the anime of seven deadly sins (cough cough six).


Saw the full set amine on you tube @CuzegSpiked lol. I’ve changed my weapon skills to storm @Golem and replaced one explosive with yet more summon procs. Build finished par some diamond reroll. Very happy . I’m going to try and make a deadly sins farm build because I’m finding deadly sins everywhere. Got the eternal ring. Will probably have a few deadly sins weapons with different procs in my pvp bag


The Six Deadly Sins Chimera Build.


Wow! Stuck the set on my farming hireling and both our luck stats have rocketed over 1000 ! Stick it on a hireling :grinning: with your farmer