Dickwads and Golems SEVEN DEADLY SINS pvp build for all characters


@dickwad I was wondering, does the 7DS set push the affix % values over cap, or just raises them, but not over cap? it looks like it might, based on your post, but still. it looks like 7DS is becoming an exciting Set to craft. keep up the good work.


Hmm maybe I just touched a luck shrine because my luck is down to 900. :rage:


but still, 900 is good, and nice to know it can go higher with the shrines. just think about the luck and item drop shrines on legend maps with this build, all kinds of loot! since 850 is max without Epiphany, if you are at 900 with 7DS, there are some build possibilities worth thinking of with that Set boost.


I think it’s just the % affixes @Golem. It includes mythic . But if your using mythic your loosing one of the set.


wow, I need to remember that. oh, an edit…cool! I really need to stop tweaking my farm gear and save up for my Ultimate Farm Build, but I keep having ideas to improve it, so the farm build keeps getting put on the back burner. on the plus side, I am up to floor 780ish.


Oh and it stacks with talent procs :slight_smile:


Seven deadly sins plus Elizabeth :wink:
And I was really wishing that the devs would add the sacred treasures (Escanor’s axe, Dianne’s hammer etc) but oh well…


Farm build is difficult but it does a lot of fire damage untweaked. However against a fire resistant boss it’s a summers holiday in the sun and a revive request for you


However it does have insane base fire damage


since space is at a premium on this build, 1 Ignore Resist? element resistant boss’s will just melt away.

revive request for you :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


If you applied the Chimera principle to the deadly sins then you don’t need to weapon switch. Just keep plenty of rubies in one crystal slot and play around when you get bored


I’m going to find that imp. Every time the legend or eternal pet drop is imminent I’m going to upgrade a legend or eternal map to 500-600 mythic 3 and complete there. Any higher and I may get an undefeatable enslaver


it lacks raw power. try adding 6x 1040ED then that would be better for hiking the ladder


Rogue deadly sins build under construction.

. Earth shatter actually procs by pet alone !! Any ideas @golem, @CuzegSpiked, @ObiWanKenobi, @Mr_Scooty, @mylifeisfunny, @_SpectralKnight


Terrashaper set will cast Earthshatter when your toon is hit --> (7.5%/rank chance to cast earthshatter when you are hit by enemy/opponent). Is that your question or uncertainty?


Will it be improved with earth shatter as a proc ?


Your current setup has 7.5%/rank to cast Earthshatter when you are hit. You can add Legend 25% Earthshatter proc (Max PvE on Legend gear) to your gear which can give chance to cast it on your attack. If your desired goal is to cast Earthshatter more, then adding the Legend affix will improve the number of times it is cast.


Good. Now can multi attack or extra attack increase all procs chance to happen. ?


@dickwad if I remember right, MA and EAC don’t affect proc chance. proc chance is per cast spell. MA and EAC are the same, per cast spell of the MH Primary skill.


I think I may remove the skill and talents bonuses from ring in favour of more procs