Dickwads and Golems SEVEN DEADLY SINS pvp build for all characters


Nearly finished my deadly sins warrior. Then it’s time to start some new builds.


wait, didn’t you say you were going to start crafting the DS Wizard tomorrow, and the DS Rogue next week, and the DS Warrior next month? and you are done with all 3 already? did you travel in time? that is so fast!


I got a blue police telephone box a time lord lent me lol☺


Okay @Golem I started my warrior this morning so its a work in progress

.Any ideas ?


Awesome! :time_space_traveling_blue_phone_booth:

it all looks so good, but I would have to do my own tinkering with a DS build to really help.
I guess the affixes on the Eternal Storm are useful for you, but the Electrified set is not very useful without a Reflect Damage affix.

also, any Elemental affixes, except for Elemental Crit Damage, should be the same as your MH or OH. I don’t see your build doing any Poison damage, so your Poison damage on Harlequin’s Comfort is wasted, and so is the Blight on Diane’s Love. it only works on Poison Cloud. and the Fire damage on Gowther’s Insight. I would change the Poison and Fire % damage to Shock, to boost your Sword, and the Blight to Frostbiting, so when your Horn Freezes anything, anything that damages a Frozen target does extra damage. but you would need some Elemental Crit Chance for that to happen, or replace that with something else. or change it to High Voltage, so any time you Stun something with Shock Elemental Crit Chance, they also cause extra damage, like Frostbiting… these changes only need Calcite, except for getting Elment Crit Chance. Angelite for 15% of a specific Element Crit Chance, or a Ruby for 30% any Element Crit Chance. the Ruby might be better, as it would give 39% Elemental Crit Chance for Shock and Frost at the same time, with the DS 30% boost to % based affixes.

umm, I hope this helps. :blush:


Smoke bomb has to go. Another master needed. Blight definitely wasted. Shock sounds good. Maybe just one reflect damage, one glass cannon and one explode affix. I’m not going crazy on procs on this one because my talents are pretty cool procs


Frostbiting… hmm :slight_smile:


yeah, I read a thread or two. the Elemental Crit Damage affixes can be different from the weapons element. so if you had some kind of Prismatic effect, or Elemental Set, when the Element is the same as the ECD affix, the element is affected. but the other elemental affixes need to be the same as one of the weapons, or they are useless. also, if your weapons are different elements, the elemental affixes will only help one weapon, even using prismatic effects. if you look in the Codex at the Elements items for the Warrior, it is a weird looking set, with most of the items being different Elements. makes me wonder how the items can work together with some of the affixes they have. hmm, I might have to look at the Codex again, make sure I am thinking correctly about the Warrior Elements Set items.
also, be careful with reflect damage. you need to be hit for it to be used. unless you are using the Redirect Mythic, which allows reflect damage to be used whether you are hit, dodging, or blocking. I am testing a build with these at the moment, and it is hard giving up affixes to make the build work properly. :sob:


Redirect and reflect damage do double figured damage . I tried it. Mythic are not an option with deadly sins. It’s a hands tied build but it’s fun trying to do something with it


well, you said this is a farming build? as long as you can survive being hit on the floors you farm, no problem. just don’t climb too high. when I first started playing DQ, I had an Electrified set, and the AoE it gives to Reflected damage was awesome! but then I got to the point that I was dying from the damage I was taking, so I stopped using that set. now I know more than I did then, and can do something about getting hit and using Reflect damage safely. right now, I am still learning the limits of Damage reflection, but it means my Ultimate Farming Build is going to take longer, as I am using a bunch of Crystals again for something else.


For farming I have a deadly sins hireling because it boosts my main characters luck. Main character uses eternalized etc etc… however deadly sins raises your luck chances a lot. They die a lot but are cheap to revive. Never use an obsidian on a deadly sins


Decided it’s procs all the way. Just been looking at combat log damage


Try to have this procs ( taunt, smokebomb, storm/torrent, twister ). All of these impairs/restricts movement of the enemy. Also keep the ED% since it benefits SDS. Put also elem crit dmge and some flat HP+. The problem is where to put all of this in your charc.??:sweat_smile::cold_sweat:


I can loose the skill and talents on ring because its only 1 when pvp reduces it. Explosive requires two slots because its a 5% proc. Loose regeneration. I have bomb proc. All damage is now shock damage


Current pve stats


Finally got a game play video on youtube under the title “6 deadly sins pvp” . It is only short but worth a look. I shall be posting more


you could link the youtube video here in the forums


Will do when I get access to a computer . All three characters are in a video called “Dungeon quest (6 deadly sins pvp characters)” if you google it on you tube. I was offline so they are in practice pvp mode. The other video previously mentioned was taken from arena.
Will do when I get access to a computer . All three characters are in a video called “Dungeon quest (6 deadly sins pvp characters)” if you google it on you tube. I was offline so they are in practice pvp mode. The other video previously mentioned was taken from arena


https://youtu.be/7qOqh6v3waM hey @Golem @ObiWanKenobi @CuzegSpiked I’ve sussed how to download videos


when I grow up, I want to make builds like that! :heart_eyes_cat: