Dickwads and Golems SEVEN DEADLY SINS pvp build for all characters




Very impressive build! +1


Thank you @_SpectralKnight. I’m going to post my warriors second deadly sins sets later (a pvp variant)


The warrior PvP version with yet to be crafted pet


Well I guess I’m finished here. Hope anyone who reads this tries the build out. Hey @PaNgaHazZz do you like it ? The eternal set is probably more use in farming builds but for Pvp legend works everytime. The downside to this build is the lack of mythics, set bonuses, christaline affixes ( they do not benefit from the set bonus so save your obsidian ) , the gift and penalty nature of the sins bonuses and finally you are very limited into what affixes you can craft. However , not limited enough and its fantastic to play. Time to think of a new build. :slight_smile:


My final comment is to thank @Golem for giving me the idea on what to do with the deadly sins sets during a conversation we had and golem found it funny that 6 items added 30 % to all chances. The word β€œproc” jumped into my brain. Cheers :slight_smile: So you have co written this build .


:blush: that is the cool thing about DQ Forums, we are all playing a game we all like and want to share all the cool stuff we are learning about the game. and when you look at all the posts from the beginning of the game, we keep discovering new stuff, and not all of it is bugs and problems, but new ways to enjoy the game and make monsters go splat. :crossed_swords: :skull_crossbones: even the Arena keeps getting better. the world should be like DQ, less β€˜bugs’ and more fun. :earth_asia: :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :heart_exclamation:


Indeed. I believe humanity can achieve so much more as the human brain potential is huge, especially when we all work together to better ourselves. A game like this can remind me of the power of human brain when we want to improve and what happens if nobody improves or improves slower/ no innovation.


SDS is more useful this way. Nice craft.


Heye @Golem you can put christaline on the deadly sins set after all. Watch this very carefully https://youtu.be/bazxIzcyto0


well, I know you can put crystals on DS items, and that the DS set doesn’t affect crystal affixes on them, but you found out the DS set does affect crystal affixes on non DS items. keep up the good work.


Crystal affixes on the set are affected despite what codex says. As the video shows. Just look at the christaline affixes on the sins set before and after equiped


well, that is a bad Codex to be wrong to such a degree. but I had to give the video a :+1: after reading your post. for anyone reading this, there is a lot of good stuff in the Codex, it is just that some of the information needs to be updated and/or corrected.


you both are so cute. @dickwad and @Golem
if you joinedforce together ill call that GOLDICK :grin:


Lol. Nope should be called Chimera which is a hybrid creature from mythology which is an assemblage of different creatures


@Alastra :blush: x 10. dickwad came up with a good idea for builds, which he called the Chimera Build, and I threw in some silly ideas that he turned into cool ideas that ended up becoming the Chimera Build. it just shows that when us Toons put our ideas together, good builds can be made. Hopefully. Maybe.


hope i can join your sharing thing. :wink: your two awesome


yep. Working together really helps and it even shows in my builds. I didn’t do everything myself, i did have ideas and help from others to git gud at the game and took a while to test and try anything for the builds. Planned out carefully too.


here is the dominant player spiked!


Today @Golem I found the elusive merlins imp . Will post a video tonight