Dickwads Army build for farming

Basically its an aftermath wizard usiing twister, skullshield and metero and a apocalypse weapon.
The hireling is a multishot and guided shot rouge with an apocalypse bow. She has a hunter ring and brutal armour as yet.
The army comes from skulldraga, lots of furies and lots of additional points in recall etc.
In 7 weeks of playing I have dropped every crystal :blush:

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That’s good. It took me 5mos to have all kinds of crystal way back 2.3 patch. Todays dq makes farming a lot easier than it used to be. Keep collecting mate :tada:. Once u reach above 99 crystals, that’s the best time to convert :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for the tip mate. I get nice crystals from vendor and item converting too. Happy days :blush:

2.3 farming was easy though but the only thing that was hard was consistently getting the correct legend you looked for everytime you failed an obsidian.

For instance, it took me a week or two to find Cognition ring just to complete my PvP build at one point in patch 2.5. Dust eliminates RNG forever . No more hoping for luck to find a legend to make your dream build.

Admittedly, I also feel it makes the game feel shorter and farming less meaningful at certain high floors than usual but then again, I couldn’t care less. Gotta love dust forever.

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Agreed. Same happened on Diablo. Hard to get items suddenly appeared more often. I didn’t mind as the game was opened up greatly

My build now produces 6 furies every time my character and hireling fires a twister or an arrow. And because they are fast attacks they quickly replace slain furies providing a fury shield against enemies