Dickwads diary update


Finally farming floor 730 legend and floor 530th mythic 3




As a result my warrior has an eternal maelstrom ring and I found a legend deadly sins ring. :smiling_imp: high game opens. Cheers obiwankenobi. Your powers are strong with the force lol


Quick tip: Never use 7 deadly sin items for farming…


Converted it to dust :blush:


Use it for Exp Farming…


Yep. Although as much as I wanted to use with epiphany, I then realised that epiphany (5) won’t be possible with seven deadly sins but seven deadly sins does increase that exp gain % per slot and it is more than enough for floors 200 or under in dmg also.

It’s probably the only thing I can really see a use for seven deadly sins but it works. I remember being shown a particular cool seven deadly sins build for exp farming from cronos for eg but anybody can do it.


By far Epiphany is way better with EXP farming.


Yeah. 250% experience gain too good for me. I used it as an alternative to nadroji bonus for the experience farming. Well both work too but yeah. Either way, another point to epiphany as usual.


after putting the Nadroji bonus on my gear for exp farming, the mistake I made, made me nervous about putting anything else into the build. finally got the Green Frame, but now I am learning to make more mistakes with making farming builds. :confused:


Just found an eternal masochists hat , eternal bustaurius armour and memento skull. Armour would be good if it had a socket :neutral_face:


We love seven deadly sins.,especially the eternal items.,.,we love it to be seened framed inside our stashes​:joy::joy::joy:.,as if you were robbed 2slots in each stashes because of its negative affix.i wonder for its purpose.,i cant even do a descent build from it.,once you put an obsi affix and a mythic skills only one slots left.,but if you dont craft it at all.,maybe all its worth is floor 500 maxx.,did any body made a good build out of it?


@YVRA_07.PH, @dickwad made a few builds for the Arena and PVE that he posted in various threads. the 7DS items are tricky to craft builds with, as you know, but he is good at thinking outside the box, and ended up with some good ideas with the 7DS items. he also made some nice discoveries for players who want to do some crafting with the Set.


@YVRA_07.PH check out mine and Golems 6 deadly sins build on here :wink:


:blush: I only helped a little bit, @dickwad did all the hard work :muscle:. just 2 players sharing ideas and :boom:, an interesting build was crafted!


Ok i love to see it bros.,it given me hard time on cracking a build out of it ha ha.,though i just quit just now in dq id love to see how u turn its down affix into a usable one.and if it did so,can we share it to some players who’s an sds fanatics also?btw whats the thread topic anyway?


It’s called dickwads and Golems 6 deadly sins


6 deadly sins because the 7th one is never there :laughing: .


:sweat_smile::joy::joy:i supposed merlins imp???:sweat_smile::scream::thinking:


Dont mention the imp !!! The elusive little swine