Dickwads diary update


10 months I’ve been trying to optimize my chances of finding it. Given up.


Ok, not trying to rub it in or anything prideful like that, just thought y’all would like to see this elusive pet.


BTW, ive never used the nadroji set in my farming build when i found the imp. Not sure if that helps y’all or not.


Elusiveness yes. I created a pvp proc build based on 6 items. The 7th while fun would have left me in mythic league.


I’m told you can get 5000000 gold per floor if you craft correctly


I’d like to get that much gold per floor.

I get close to 1 million per floor, but i spend more than that turning epic gear into crystals, and eternals into dust, so if i buy 1 billion gold for $20, it lasts me about 3 weeks of gameplay.

But spending money on this game helps the devs, i think.


Ask @ObiWanKenobi


Turn eternals into crystals. Legends into dust. Dust into eternal. Eternal into crystals. Sell everything else


You need epic drops for cash conversation. Set your pick up options to epic.


I consider @Golem one of the best player’s ever.


haha, I just like having fun in DQ like @dickwad and everyone else. of course, I did get up to Division 5 in Eternal League, and I don’t think very many players have gotten that far. :sunglasses: it’s so cool to be in the top 5 Divisions in Eternal League. :innocent: :triumph:


I got to division 4 eternal but I’ve slipped because I’ve been speed running enslavers for days. Div 8. Need to sort that out



A twenty minutes pvp slogathon and I’m back. I’m sharing renowned company too


I’m not very competitive. If I see another rare reward chest i will scream. Guess I’m lazy too @Golem :slight_smile:


I have been saving the few chests I get to convert them to the next tier chest. but it gets expensive.


I have made it to division 2 eternal league, but have now dropped down to division 4.



I don’t really know what is happening in Eternal League, but a few months ago, I stopped fighting in the Arena, and just checked my rankings every few weeks. my 1v1 was always in Eternal League Division 10 for about 3 months, I think, and just a few days ago, when I checked my ranking, I saw I was in Division 2 of Eternal League. still there as of lunch time today. I am afraid to see what my Character is wearing, because I have changed my gears a few times since I was last in the Arena. I am thinking there are a lot of new players in DQ Battle Arena, and that is why I moved up without doing anything. soon I will have a PVP Wizard with a PVP Build, so until then, I will just let my PVE Farm Wizard have fun in the Arena while I work hard at farming in PVE.
Edit: I just had a thought, it could be I am now in Division 12 of Eternal League, because my Rating is in the 800’s. I was just looking at Indy’s post right before mine, and saw his rating was in the 1500’s, so now I don’t feel so cool anymore. :confused:


Golem, you’re still cool, just not “as cool” as others. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: