Dickwads guide to block and dodge in arena


While summons are active they are taking damage meant for you and attacking back. What wizard needs block. And of course the more you know about summons the more powerful is that block :fearful:


summons are like the Protection Detail of a Powerful Person, keeping the riff raff away. :mage: :ghost: :ghost: :gun: :mage:

I had a nice speed Comet build for part of my Ascending Wizard, but went to Twister then Storm for more damage and protection.


@TeaCup any dodge works for me. Even hero points in dexterity seems to work. Dodge does work in my opinion unless you don’t make a build around it. I try to add a reasonable amount in other wize I would have spent another year in mythic 1v1 league playing the same characters :fearful::cry::cry:


Summons = the most devastating block for any class because they gain so many offensive and defensive characteristics of the summoner class.


@Golem I’m a storm junkie. All my characters proc it in pvp and pve because it pushes back. Another fearsome skill


Added a chrystall affix to my warrions sanctuary amulet ( increased attack speed ) . Totally useless I think unless you have extra or multi attack. Need to remake a new one.


I don’t care for Storm knockback, but I like that it has great attack frequency and lasts for 5 seconds and has it’s own elemental crit chance when you put skill points into Storm. I usually use Ice with Freeze, Taunt, or both to keep targets in Storms Embrace of Death. if there is a wall nearby, I trap monsters between me and the wall when I cast Storm. Storm 40 is 8 attacks a second, and knocking monsters out of Storms reach is kind of silly, unless there is a reason for a build to need that.


Ahhh versus monsters maybe not versus players consider it another block with attitude :smiling_imp:


Barrage works nice every where


ahh, I hate when I forget the topic of the Thread. ahem. on the other hand, I notice that the knockback of Storm works great in the Arena. there are a few builds that I have trouble against even using Storm, but I have ideas on how to fix this problem. it’s kind of fun watching a Toon dance like they’re walking on a hot sidewalk without shoes while stuck in Storm. but I hate when it’s the other way around.


I think the common mistake is that people think about maxing block without what thinking what block means . A block is just a shield :slight_smile:


linguistically, Dodge is getting out of the way of something, in DQ it is getting out of the way of an attack that would normally hit you. Block is getting something between you and something dangerous to you, in DQ it is basically deflecting an attack away from you that would normally hit you. both do the same thing, they keep HP in your Character. being two different mechanics doing the same thing, that means you can stack them, or use them together. I always used a lot of Dodge in the Arena, and for a little while, added Block, but now I don’t really use either, because I am still learning stuff about Arena Builds. eventually I hope to start using them again, as they are very useful.


Now consider the best block ability are summons. They also act like reflect damage as they can do lots of damage :slight_smile:


:no_mouth: (using a monotone voice) @dickwad I never knew you were so into summons builds. ahh! (throwing hands up into the air) you do such a good job explaining summons builds that it is very distracting to my thoughts on builds I am trying to consider! :thinking: makes me want to think of a way to use them in the builds I am considering. some of the ideas I have would go well with Minions, sort of, just need some tweaking. just need to think of which Minion to use, or which combination would do best with what I have in mind.


Haha @Golem you fail to remember that pve builds and pvp don’t generally work in both arenas. If you have summons then you enter summons into the battle arena where lots of your
opponents builds would be weak at fighting monsters. I’m dragging monsters into the arena


contrary to what you said, I know very well that PVE & PVP Builds are different. I played PVE for almost a year before I played PVP. well, I did some PVP a few times maybe about half a year after I started, so when I got into doing PVP more, it was hard work learning how bad PVE Builds fare in PVP. well, I did get an Ascending Farm Build up to Eternal League, and a Farm/PVP Hybrid Build up to Division 5, but for now, I am paying attention to my opponents when I fight them and letting ideas percolate in my brain.

checking what spells they are using, how much HP and Healing and DMG Evaded/Resisted and Power. so many things to learn as I think about Golems Ultimate PVP Builds (need at least 6 of them for 2 of each class). I still need to work on learning more about Rogue and Warrior. :frowning_face:


Maybe I could dump apocalypse and replace it with a summon fury proc


isn’t Apocalypse 30% chance vs. 10% chance for Fury Proc?


Yes but even a 10 % fury proc happens. 10 % should never happen in pvp when you do the math :astonished:


haha, it does, just not as often as PVE! that would be good for longer Arena battles, but in shorter battles, there might not be any Furies if you only had the 1 Proc. might end up fighting a lot of battles where there are no Furies at all. one of those affixes you make a build around.