Dickwads guide to block and dodge in arena


What is good about block and dodge is that you take a fewer punches and survive to the next round. But every round that you survive then both your own and opponents power increase. So eventually one punch may kill you


Block & Dodge means you take NO damage, where AR, Resist, and Damage Reduction only lower the damage. better for battles that have too many ties or a low HP Build.


@Golem and @dickwad another alternative for Dodge and Block is Blind you can have it by using Vault from Rogue.


Vault is ace. And allows a speedy retreat :slight_smile:


Can confirm :wink: .


using Vault to get out of bad situations while Blinding the enemy is pretty good, but I prefer Teleport because it can do damage and cause Elemental Crits. other than doing no damage, I like Vault for the mobility it provides me to get around. Vault would work well with a Proc Build. I actually prefer using Smoke Bomb as it causes Blindness and you Dodge the next attack. it all comes down to how you Craft your equipment.


Ggggrrrr… to many immortal summoners in the arena… how very rude lol


will an Anti - Immortal Build work against an Immortal Summons Build? those Immortal Minions would make things interesting if they were summoned fast enough to help defend against an Anti - Immortal Build.


Or maybe an hybrid of immortal and anti immortal (which is what im doing) . Balance damage and defence . You dont want long fights for obvious reasons @Golem . But just enough regen to stay alive on a pretty poor defence. Works for me


Summons are a law unto themselves. But any build affects them


Will an anti immortal summon work against an immortal? Maybe :smiling_imp: