Dickwads pvp advice for beginners


Allow one eternal item per build . Never an eternal weapon. Pay close attention to natures and talents


I disagree with no eternal weapons. Ever tried Fate’s Travesty as an eternal? It’s pretty good, esp. if we are aiming this advice towards beginners in the arena.


He means as a rule of thumb, if you really really know what your doing then its not too bad, but more often than not, its best to avoid eternal weapons… i mean the eternal obsidian daggers went round quite a bit


I’ve been experimenting with both characters having angelic pets to mutually heal each other


Two high regen characters with normal legend angelic pets. It’s good


Then chuck in sanctuary on your weaker but most destructive character with blood magic , permafrost bonus, druidic bonus and equality. You have a two man army. Often the hireling out lives you and finishes the match. All hireling summons are transferred to the remaining summoner in 2 summoners pvp build.


@Golem summoners are the way :slight_smile: The question is do you use say apocalypse or just stick a couple of summon furies procs on gear


Apocalypse. And summoners is easy to counter with reactor set


to be honest, I consider Summon Builds difficult, so I don’t use them. but I like the concept of them…having Minions going out and causing havoc amongst your enemies while hanging back and giving support. basically, I would be making a dual Build, Minion and Minion Support (support is separate from Affixes, Talents, and Skills that affect Minions directly, like using a Staff with 20-40 points in Comet to help Minions with ranged support while staying out of range of the fight.) but the Dual Spiritmancer with 2 Angelic Pets set up is a good idea. how about one Spiritmancer with Apocalypse and the other with the Furies.


While legend procs are rubbish in pvp unless stacked or on an eternal item, summon furies do seem more reliable . So maybe


the only reason I thought of the summons on separate Spiritmancers was space considerations, which is at a premium on PVP builds.


@Ircher you can add powerful attacks on mythic upon weapon. So save them for mythic affixes.
So choose one eternal item to suit your build. Check out rings , necklaces and armour. Jasper them from other classes and see what happens


I know use “Eternal divination” that’s helpful pvp


If using eternal divination then your ring needs 4 to all sets . Take a nadroji ring. Use chrystals to remove all affixes but 2 to sets. Add a socket. Put elixir in. Then do as you please . Or add 4 sockets add a mythic then add another socket then elixir . Then amytheist for set etc


@dickwad using nadroji’s (Ring) +set numbers. also. you will have to sacrifice your sanctuary necklace for that Divination Necklace. i dunno. many players use that necklace. i have Eternal Divination with Cyan bonus (all resist). i dont use it. sanctuary mythic is a big part of PVP.


@kiane_zaine I have always hated sanctuary in pvp as useless but on a high regen build with high hp it’s a serious game changer


Yea but when sanctuary activates you get 1 second of immortality, if you can deal enough burst in that time then you win, thats why some builds are great for it


@TeaCup it depends on how the ratio of bleed damage weighs against your regen of hp . Your still bleeding but say you have a bucket with an hole in that leaks 2 litre per second and you are able to throw in 4. You maintain a dodgy equilibrium. But if your character cannot match the leakage. You are done.


It’s all math which my friend @Golem will be able to put me right about I guess … waiting for the response lol


haha! high HP build and high MP ManaShield Builds in the Arena just take time to pour more damage into them then they can handle. eventually they overflow with a loss. I just had one fight against ManaShield user with some 1 Hit Barrage Build (blew through my 10k HP with 1 hit, anyways) but he ran out of MP fast for the Barrage, and I was able to eventually knock down the ManaShield for the win. must have had good defense boosts for the shield, because even when he didn’t have MP for Barrage, had to do over 50k to 60k damage to the shield to win.

a few days ago, I finally got back into Eternal League, and my first fight was against some fighter with 300k HP. I got behind in the count, but made a comeback to win.