Dickwads pvp "Hour Of The Apocalypse ' hybrid build

The “HOTA” build is totally experimental as yet so have patience with it. I will regularly make updates it with all mention of successes and failures.

The HOTA build will be used by any class as the commonality will be all characters will have the mythic “Apocalypse” as a mainhand weapon. The rationale is that when attacking you summon three furys that not only act as a defensive distraction but do damage in their own right.

As hero points (skill points) do not matter in pvp (unless available as an affix in equipment) they will all be spent in the support skills like strength and intelligence.

Essentially this build will be heavily reliant on procs and any skills gained from items. The skills may be primary to the characters class or stolen from another class via item converting using a jasper.

“HOTA” Build One.

So here we go. My wizard and Rogue and Barbarian all have a basic Apocalyptic weapon with affixes yet to be determined.

Current main attacks are my wizards “Twister’, Rogues"Guided and Multi shot” and Barbarians “Whirlwind”.

My current proc ideas are aftermath for each character and a skullshield proc as well. I’m hoping to get the “reclaim” and other summon related talents on each character which will cost a lot of crystal conversion of items :astonished:

End of introduction. Wish me luck :blush:


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Thanks . Is it true that there are 2 external items that contain 4 sockets and can be mythworded ? A helm and a sword I believe. I’m very interested in them in regards these builds

Yes it is true of these Eternals. These are called Fabled legends with the Mythical Set affix on them. One is called Fabled Staff/Chakram/Sword . The other is called Unreal Hood.

Both in eternal forms can allow mythics and you can Add Topaz epic affixes on them. You won’t however be able to add Legend affixes on them but RNG is much kinder with epic affixes as these eternal fabled are already rare and expensive. Way more rarer without dust as well.

Not to mention, Jasper working on Eternals greatly helps.

I’ve seen really good ones in arena at one time with their mythic of choice along with high ED, HP, etc. The only downfall is how the mythical set affix won’t be removed but in arena, there are cases where it’s worth it. It used to be the case many arena months ago and probably still is. It’s also good that you can change eternal natures and talents too.

It is the eternal weapon that grabs my imagination for the apocalypse mythword . I’m also drawn to the rogues vault skill because it’s fast , devastating, mana efficient, proc triggering and downright devious.

Stat points are all going into power for now.

I’ve not played the Barbarian much yet so I’m undecided which skills to choose. The “HOTA” Build requires speedy skills which increase the probabilly of proc occurance. Like I previously mentioned, it’s just an experiment and maybe an abject failure. By maxing strength, intellicence etc I’m hoping to address the defensive side of my PVP characters while opening up the offensive skill/talent possibilities on my charactors items. Time to go and test

I have just been trying out my newbie build on PVP. I am very happy with the result. Dropped an eternal chest too. My strafe rogue has skulldraga, furies and aftermath at the moment. I may change it into something else to prevent repetitive gameplay. However, as all my hero points have been piled into strength, intelligence and dexterity I am not heavily invested in any one skill so basically I can switch items with different skillsets to jazz it all up. I’m planning to use the SANCTUARY amulet on all characters for the revive effect though it doesn’t really give a great advantage to the character as you soon end up dead anyway lol