Dickwads simple rule for finding a specific item

Say for example you want an eternal ring that can drop at 100 then farming at mythic 3 1000 will only diminish your chances because you can drop every over ring in the game. Farm where it drops.


Its basic…


yeah but when we begin we all make the silly assumption that climbing floors is the be all and end all :slight_smile:

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I agree. I used to think that but then I realised:

Floor 200 Master race. (inserts PCMR picture). Although floor 500 is very good.

Also in finally back in business. Feels good to be playing again. S5 feels a bit slower but for the used price, I can’t complain and since im root user, I have figured out way to deal with it.


So if i want a Powerful enemy drop gear Where should i farm?

If you wear 2 nadroji items (floor 100 onwards any difficulty. ) you get 100 percent rare monster boost

Dude… i have to learn how to farm…
Cause i dont get the consept of farming.

Buy challenge maps. Kill cartographer. Open the map he drops and kill another cartographer. Just keep doing that

@G00785 farming is the act of getting gold, items, pets, crystals, myth stones. a build that puts its focus on farming is not very good in the Arena (PVP), and takes a lot of work to climb the floors in the Dungeons.
at lower levels, gold find and luck are important affixes for farming. putting Hero Points into the Fortune skill will help with farming too. there are a few Legend items that have a focus on helping a player farm for loot.
when you have played for awhile, you will find items with Nadroji, Mythical, Crystaline, and Eternalized Set Affixes. they help you with getting better loot and certain items.
the Luck and Item drop Shrines increase your chances of better loot on the maps where you find them.
the Fortunate, Treasured, and Dealer Perks help a lot with farming.
challenge maps are maps that have better loot than regular maps, but getting the loot can be harder, as there are challenge map affixes that give the monsters boosts, or make you weaker. Legend/Eternal Maps have their own map affixes, and they all are about boosting the loot you find, but they still have tougher monsters than regular maps.
look in the Codex for items that have luck, gold find, item drop, Fortune. Satyrs Spirit, Adventurer, Steigers Fortune are items that will help with farming. Stiegers Fortune is a Wizard item, and I think the other classes have similar items to help with farming.

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That sums it up :blush:eternalized and nadroji and christaline are really good. When you reach your luck threshold you can replace epic luck affixes with offensive affixes