Dictionary & affix Descriptions

[size=150][color=#FFFF00]Normal Affix:[/color][/size]

(Yellow is hard to read; it says “Normal Affix”) Displayed as yellow text on equipment. Makes modifications to characters stats.

In parenthesis is the max normal values

%Luck (27.5%) : Increases chance of epic affixes; item quality; legendary finds (Even when you reach a high amount of luck, more luck will increase chances of finding multiple epic affixes on item drops, and increase your ability to produce epic affixes on enchanting)
%Arcane Damage (12.5%)Extremely useful for DPS, as it is affected by all modifiers, and stacks multiplicitively with the element challenge bonus. This is why it’s vital to take advantage of the bonus and avoid Arcane Dmg as there is no multiplier bonus from challenges. (i.e. +20% is again multiplied by +25% element from challenges assuming you’ve maxed the challenge bonus out)
Arcane Damage (???- I never use it)NOTE: This only adds flat damage to DPS, +500 means +500 and is not multiplied by any modifiers, rendering this affix almost useless, avoid this if you have something better to add (i.e. stonecold, focus, plague, might, empower, etc.)
HP (2550) : + flat rate of HP
MP (2550) : + flat rate of MP
HP Leech (1.25%? not sure) : % of damage returned as HP
MP Leech (1.25%) : % damage returned as MP
Gold Find (27.5%) : Increased number of gold piles dropped NOT gold amount (i.e. higher number of gold piles will drop, but quantity of gold per pile remains the same)
MP Regen (Not sure, but same as +element/arcane dmg) : Amount of MP regenerated per second (This regen doesn’t tick per second, it actually ticks multiple times per second, reaching the total value of MP regen on your character once 1 second is complete; it actually ticks probably 5 to 10 times per second)
HP Regen (Not sure, but same as +element/arcane dmg) Amount of HP regenerated per second
%Damage (27.5%) : + Percent base weapon damage does NOT multiply with +damage affix or +element damage (flat), but does multiply with everything else
Damage (1010) : +flat rate damage, Multiplies with base weapon multiplier; along with everything else other than +% dmg
Crit DMG (42.5%) : Multiplies with all damage affixes; when combined with crit chance at cap, it is probably the most effective for raising DPS @300% cap
Crit Chance (8.8%) : Increases chance of critical strike
Attack spd (8.8%) : Increases attacks per second based on base weapon multiplier of 2.5 (i.e. @ the 60% cap, you will get +1.5 attacks regardless of the weapon you use)
To be continued…

[size=150][color=#FF8000]Epic Affix:[/color] [/size]

Displayed as Orange text on equipment. Some affixes are exclusive to being epic, and some of these are found only on legendary items. I will add to the list as I continue editing this guide.

Caps/item of normal affixes that are epic:

Luck: 50%
Element/arcane dmg%: 20%
Element/arcane dmg+: +500
HP: 5000
MP: 5000
HP/MP leech: 2.00%
Gold Find: 50%
MP/HP regen: 500
Dmg%: 50
Dmg+: 2000
Crit Dmg: 75%
Crit Chance: 15%
Atk Spd: 15%

[color=#FF0000]After doing some extra research, I’ve found that +50% damage can be more effective in some cases, than +2000 damage; the main case being the Gauntlet weapon; This means, if you HAVE to sacrifice one, then sacrifice +2000 damage when making gauntlets; but you should never have to sacrifice either one, they should both take priority over all other affixes that cause damage.[/color]
[size=150]Exclusive to epic affixes:[/size]

+% reduced cool down (15.0%)

  • to single talent (+4)
    +%Total HP (20%) Note: This only adds % of base HP, the affix name is deceiving. This might be an error, and will be brought up to the team.

To be continued… Ranges will be added in the future (Min/Max values)

[size=150]Exclusive to legends:[/size]

  • To All Talents (2) Adds to all active talents
    +To Talent Tree (4) Adds to all active talents in talent tree
    +To Skills (2; 10%) Adds 5% dmg to skill per point
    +% Item Drops (50%) Adds increased drop frequency to both gold and items
    +%Move Speed (20%) Adds movement speed
    +% Frostbite (100%) Adds damage to chilled enemies by given percent, applies to all forms of damage after enemy is chilled.
    +% Elemental Critical (?) Adds chance to inflict toxic; paralyze; etc.
    +% Toxic, etc. (20%) Adds chance to inflict specific elemtental critical
    +% Elemental Weaken (?) Reduces enemy resistance toward element
    +% Deadly Strike (?) Practically another way of adding critical chance (able to exceed current cap, I would guess that the crit chance roll is separate, meaning if you have +60% crit chance and +20% deadly strike, it would roll these two separately instead of adding them to one another)
    +%Skill Proc (15%) (i.e. Torrent, Twister, Meteor, Orb, Throw Sword, Time Warp; Storm; These are all of the available procs; will be edited if I find that I missed some.)
    +% Glass Cannon (50%) : Multiplies damage while reducing health by said %
    Ignore Resists (no value) Completely ignore resists of enemy; not sure if this negates elemental weaken, or attacking enemies with an effective element
    +%Total MP (20%) Adds base MP to total MP; Does not stack with other affixes (i.e. +5000 MP would be added after +% MP, making this another useless affix in comparison (even with all points pooled into MP, +20% would only add 20% of 15000MP meaning that you’d only add 3000MP, stick with +5000 unless you’re trying to completely max total MP by adding both affixes and pooling all stat points into MP)

To be continued…

Note: The above lists will be edited to be in similar format as the list and definitions below.

[color=#FF0000]Set Affixes:[/color] These affixes are in red, and are exclusive to set items within a legendary set. Below will be listed wizard set affixes followed by warrior affixes (I will get to them ASAP but please be patient, as I’m simply a tester. I have a job IRL, and I simply support this amazing work of the shinybox team. I do not actually work for them, but just with them.)

[color=#FF0000]Blood Magic(6 items): +12.5% damage per item; adds MP to total health; Cost of spells are tripled and cost HP (Note that -%HP from empower and glass cannon are applied BEFORE MP as added, due to this, investing in MP with stat points, or item affixes can heavily increase damage while allowing you to have very high survivibility especially when coupled with +% MP or life leach, as all of the MP stats will be converted to HP stats (it will add MP leach to life leach, and also convert MP regen to Hp regen instead)

Ascendent(4): Adds prismatic +1 per item; arcane damage reduces enemies resistances by 12.5% per item (this effect stacks 4 times; I’ve not tested if this is negatively effected or negated by “Ignore Resists” affix given by Wildhide in the Druidic set)

Permafrost(4): +10% ice dmg per item; 7.5% of damage taken goes to MP per item

Astral Summoner(2): Summoned Skulls are transformed into spirit mages with 12.5% [Extended Description: Transforms skulls into spirit mages, the description is cut off in-game so I’m assuming 12.5% either stands for chance to transform, or increased power of the mages, more than likely, it’s increased power]

Battle Mage(4): Changes main attacks to charge and whirlwind (damage multiplier is changed to that of the lance, so you will see a LARGE increase in DPS) +50% armor per item equipped.

Aftermath(4): Gives Meteor 25% Taunt proc, Shatter 25% Fear proc, 25% Reset CD [Extended Description: When casting Meteor or Shatter, Taunt and Fear will cast with 25% chance per item equiped, and CD stands for cool down reduction]

Cosmic Power(4): +25% HP & MP regen; Time warp adds 2.5% of max HP to bolt damage.

Living Force(2): Enemy projectiles are reflected back at its caster for +50% dmg on return (i.e. amplified from 100%, meaning they deal themselves 150% damage) +50% more if both items are equipped.

Electrified(4): Will Edit Soon

Plagued(4): Armor = 25% HP, +25% per item; increases poison DoT for each enemy poisoned by 25% per item (max 100%)

Druidic(4): +HP and MP regen by 10% per item; +75% of total regen is added to Poison DoT(Damage over time) (+75% per item, to a total of 300%).

Vampiric Touch(4): Convert 50% bleed damage delt to HP, Increase HP by Bleed Chance

Golden Veins(4): Increases HP and damage by 25% of the average gold find on items (add up all your % gold find on your gear, and divide it by 6). With 4 items in all, it would take 100% of your average.

For now, that’s all i’ve got, I’ve had every legend listed in the legendex, but i’ve sold off several thousands of legends so I only had these few on-hand, I usually keep my first inventory page full of legends. I will continue this list as I grab more legends; It should be done soon since I get roughly 5 legends every 20 dungeon floors.

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OMG can’t wait for a more detailed description of affixes

Does anyone know what the +% Frostbite and +%Deadly Strike does?


Frostbite increases dmg dealt to chilled(slowed) enemies by a percentage. Max of 200% increased dmg.

Deadly Strike is an additional chance to crit.

Actually I think damage modifiers are effected by other modifiers, at least my DPS seems to think so. Have you calculated this before?

Affixs, talents, and sets that requires a certain “situation” (frostbite for example) doesn’t add to stat page dps. If this answers your question.

Also frostbite is effected by icebound affix. So you need the affix frostbite for icebound to be effective at all.

I meant the regular DAMAGE +500 affix, I’ve found it greatly effecting my DPS and I’ve got a regular 2.07m without any buffs or attacks.

Oh If I understand dmg calculations correctly +dmg adds to you base dmg, so in turn creates a higher dps ratio.

I meant the regular DAMAGE +500 affix, I’ve found it greatly effecting my DPS and I’ve got a regular 2.07m without any buffs or attacks.[/quote]

+500 Arcane/element damage adds a flat rate after all other calculations have been done, unless this has been updated recently. Sorry, i’ve been MIA because of issues with my Lenovo Laptop not powering on. I will explain all of that later. But +Damage on the mainhand DOES add massive amounts of damage. Here is an idea of how it works;

+Damage (flat rate) affects weapon DPS in this manner (Example used is with Lance for Warrior, since there is a high DPS yield with it)

Take the max/min damage from the weapon, then add them together (i.e. say your lance has 500 min/2500 max, avg = 1500) then take that number and multiply it by 5, due to the weapon’s base multiplier rate, and then multiply it by number of atks/sec and you have your weapon’s displayed DPS…

Now, with the affix added (i.e. +2000 damage) take that number, and add it to your AVERAGE displayed damage; which comes out to be 3500 damage (i.e. 1500 avg +2000). Then take that and multiply it by 5, then again by number of attacks per second, and you see a MASSIVE jump in DPS. (i.e. 5 x 3500 = 16.5k DPS before # of attacks are applied). Now this is where it gets crazy; your +%atk spd adds # of attacks/sec based on a base attack rate of 2.5atks/sec, so +60%atk spd cap would yield + 1.5 atks/sec making your atks/sec with the lance = 2.23 atks/sec

So take those multipliers, (5x2.23) x (1500avgdmg + 2000DMGaffix) = a lot

On the other hand, + Element/arcane affix maxes at +500, but is added AFTER all of the calculations are made (other than +%ELEMENT DMG which is applied multiplicitively through challenge bonus and affixes on your weapons, but still comes up to a rather insigificant amount)

For some reason I’m just now noticing that people posted on here, I guess I’m getting alzheimer’s disease lol Short term memory loss or something…

Anyways, I absolutely commend you for finding this; I found this out in the earlier stages of DQ (back in version 3.9 or something when I started; somewhere in november; I began my forum posts in december though)

Great find, and good eye; Lots of other mechanics are hidden in DPS as well; For more info on this check my outdated guide on this. I will eventually make a video on how the dps mechanics actually work. I haven’t completely deciphered them, but while I was working to do so, I was able to help the ShinyBox crew fix a lot of the mechanics. Keep looking for things like this!

About frostbite massey, my warrior is a frostbite build max % is 200. And it increases any inflicted dmg to a chilled enemy. So any slowed enemy receives increased dmg from any attack.

Do you mean that even if the enemy is attacked by another element that the damage is amplified? If so I’ll add this in a quote to the guide. Thanks!

If this is the case, then it is extremely useful to use frostbite with prismatic + amplify, making the wizard the ultimate character! I’ll test a build with it eventually.

Do you mean using the hireling warrior to chill ennemies, and making damage with wizard?

If that was in reference to me, that’d be a great idea, but no, I meant making a build that had a high prismatic stat, which I plan on making soon, as I’ve grown tired of low HP; My new re-rolled items make it possible for me to do damage with twister at a rate of what I used to do, but without empower; I plan on making all gear with +20% twister and 5000hp; with that said, it would be possible to use a prismatic necklace since I will no longer be needing empower in this case. But seeing how frostbite is only on certain weapons, I’ll have to strategize this properly and use equipment other than weapons that have frostbite.

Yeah, this was in reference to you :smile:

I’m already building a stuff based on +20% twister (sick that we can’t get +20% torrent :frowning: )
Can’t wait to test it once finished :smile:

[quote=“Diieter”]Yeah, this was in reference to you :smile:

I’m already building a stuff based on +20% twister (sick that we can’t get +20% torrent :frowning: )
Can’t wait to test it once finished :smile:[/quote]

  • 20% torrent would be really weak, think of it this way; 1x10000 = 10000… 1.2x10000 = 12000…

Now twister on the other hand… 1.2 x 2,000,000 = 2,400,000… :smile:

now take that and multiply it by 2.2 because I know you wont stop at 20%, you’re going to max all of your items on it… 2,000,000*2.2=4,400,000…

But if you look at the video I sent you, it was without hardly any +20%'s on there… if I added all of that, i’d be ticking twister at 8.8M; Working on it though :smile:

Yep, just noticed Torrent was useless.
Actually the only one usefull affixe on dreamwalker is the “twister proc”, I hope “twister proc” will be added to the epic affixe list (enchants), to get some better rings :smile:

Getting the Astral communion (head) and dreamwalker (ring) avoid us to get +40% twister already (and weapon too, cause every affixes are already taken), so actually 60% less! hum …
Gonna try to get 40% or 60% already