Dictionary Bug

I read everything in the dictionary but something doesnt count. Im curious why. And maybe if I complete reading the dictionary it would give me some hero points so please help me fix this.

Seems like a bug…are you on the latest version of Dungeon Quest?

Yes. Just updated today. From 495/496 to 495/497 and read the additional one became 496/497.

I have full 497,you may have missed one.

I haven’t. I tried to look for it many times and even tried to click all of them again but no good.

Hmmmm I have seen this issue before (thought it was fixed). We will have to have a look at it on our end to see if we can track it down.

Yes please. Thank you.

I have the same problem before, it’s always stuck at 495/496. Now that I have updated to the latest version, it’s stuck again at 496/497.

I’m am encountering the same issue with the dictionary.

I’ve always had the same issue as well. Always been one short, thought maybe there was some unlockable tip or something strange, but maybe it’s the same issue everyone else here is reporting.

You are not alone dude … Mine also have a bug but when download the latest patch… There’s no more bug it is totally compete…
I notice that bug since i played DQ for it’s 1.7 until 2.3.1 and still that bug cannot be fixed but thanks …to the latest patch… No more bugs in dictionary

I got mine fixed just recently. Look for the Set section in your Dictionary, and you will find the Haunting entry there. When I clicked that on, I have completed all 497 of them.

Haunting is the one that made it 496/497

Wow just updated now and this problem’s fixed. It’s the 38th tip ^^ Thank you.