Dictionary updates

Just that , plz keep updated the dictionary cuz people like me use that for lore and planning builds. I set up my build for stealth , and wasted severals ambers to roll it on my offhand , just to get a completely different stealth that the one listed on dictionary. i checked now on patch notes and it was changed in 2.1.
checking on web is not bad, but my point here is that i like the ingame dictionary feature, and if it can’t be trusted becomes useless :C.


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Hey! Thanks for the information. Noted :smile:

What? Different stealth?

I think, he is talking about the Mythic “Vanish”.

What do you mean, that is completely different from the one listed in dictionary? Vanish also apply blind to surrounding enemies. So, it’s literally casts stealth on attack. :smile:

Im talking about dictionary -> skills -> stealth. Dodge all attacks and doubles damage for 2 seconds. Removes all DOTs.

Then i got the skill using ambers, and it last 1 sec and deal half damage instead of double.

I see, you are talking about the nerf of Stealth. You can inprove the duration of Stealth to 3s with the Heroic skill. Sorry about the loss of your Amber.
Noted, about the dictionary.