Did you see what i see?

the white rectangle? :smile:

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Hahahahahahaha i edit that to do not see y armor nor resistance

Btw guys time to sleep now playing at the night sleep at the day coz of high internet solo at the night :blush: what a great job nanayt

Wahh!! kekeke your the one im so frustrated about… kukuku cant kill him in pvp

well, nice HP and Reduce Damage you got there :smile:

I’m tempted to call cheater here solely based on the 4 mil health

You’re probably new

The problem is how many floors?I think only 32lv+stealth&dodge&block will still work at 2000+

40 stealth x2 dodge x2block if possible the rest armor or atk :smile:

Must atk,armor is realy hlepless.Armor provide damgage reduction,I only say result here:You need 1M(floors*500) armor to get 50%dr at 2000f.How to stack 1M ar? You can put 20 hero points in strength to get 10000ar,items will give you 5000(warrior5000,wizard1500,rogue3000)ar.After plagued and battle mage,it will be 67.5k.Still hard to over 1M though you can stack more by crystal 7500,mythic 50%(cheap and helpful),set rage.Resistant is hard stacking and hlepless too.How about hp?My pvp warrior have 9M+ hp in PVE,but 2000f enemy can easily one shot him.
I counted in old version(without ep set),ultimate hp&ar&res tank can bear 180M damage,just nothing compare the monster’s unlimited growth.
Dodge and block can save you in probability.84% dodge with 84% block means enemy have only 2.56% chance to hit you,26+times to reach 50%+ total hit rate.
Stealth is the best way to survive,you don’t need any dodge&block,but better have fear immune.Rogue can easily have 40 stealth,poor wizard and warrior need 20stealth pet(I was luck) to reach 32lv.Why not 30?Cuz you need extra time to cast the next stealth,the extra 2lv can give you 0.2s.Why not 33 or even 36+? Cuz the cap of all skill rank is 12,even ep set cant pass it.In addition,use ep to get higher -cooldown cant pass the 4s force space between 2 stealth.I just have -60% cooldown,keeping a finger on stealth button and waiting hiring AI clean everyting.

Nope not new almost going on a year now.

Who says need more dmg in reaching 2000floor armor resiatance and damage reduction are enough
This set was focus on armor and reaistace tanky tanky warrior

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Can you please explain this to me?

Do you get high armor?. just focus your defence… not your attack to reach high armor… simple lng defender yan eh

you use faunt right?

Nice build :grinning: How much 2000f enemy hit you?It cant be 0 unless you use dauntless mythic with 100enemy within 10yards(huge lag)


I have that kind of build too :smiley: