Diff. Crystal Help

Can someone tell me a guide to get diff ore like obsidian so i can get a good build for my level 51 wizard Thank You

Go higher floors (500+) and get more Item Drops affix (350% cap with hireling). For every 100 floor you have higher rarity crystals/mythstones drop. At 500+ is max bonus for crystal/mythstone drop and the common crystal will be kyanite and rare with much better chance for obsidian. Though it’s still rare to get one but they will happen sometimes. Also get the Crystalline and Eternalized sets together with Treasured ascension perk and you will have much better chance to find Eternal and Crystal items which if not usefull can be converted for ultra rare crystals (Jasper to Obsidian).

Well i am just level 54 wiz floor 85 mythic 3 how to finish dungeon fast and how to get items that can get me rarer crystals and its too hard to me to finish floors 85++ mythic 3 And Pls link me for a good stats and hand held items like wand what is the best

Lower the difficulty and it will be easier. The items that increase chances of eternal and Crystal items drop past floor 350.
Buy map in shop and go to green dot. That’s the fastest way to complete floor.
For the stats, if the monsters can’t kill you just look for offensive affixes like critical chance, critical damage, deadly strike, elemental damage etc.
For now you just need to play and grind the floors nothing more can be done. Lower the difficulty if you can’t kill mobs, it’s nothing wrong with that.