Difference between Aftermath bonus and Aftermath

Hey guys, i noticed there are 2 different kinds of aftermath. i recently found an enternal item and a legend item, the eternal item has the aftermath bonus (grey) and the legend only says aftermath (green), doesn’t say bonus or anything like the eternal item. i am just wodnering what the difference is?

Aftermath Bonus is just an added effect.

Let say you’ve equipped 4 gears all with aftermath set, that bonus will be in effect and you’ll gain additional 150% meteor damage.

Then what if i have 4 aftermath ( not grey) will it be the same?

Nope, aftermath set (green) gives meteor skill a 25% taunt proc (per rank), gives shatter skill a 25% fear proc (per rank), and 25% reset cooldown (per rank).

But their effects will both work if you have 4 aftermath set and an aftermath bonus.