Different version of DQ? :)

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Ahhh I see you found the Chinese version of DQ :slight_smile:

(just as a heads up…that is not DQ2)


Lol. Chinese version of DQ sounds cool . I wonder what the difference are from the main version apart from language xD.

The name is Dark Remains. However I don’t quite have the symbols for it to search it on Google but I did see a cool forum showing the pictures and it does look vastly different but also similar in many ways.


The main menus and most of the HUD/UI are all going to look different. They were localized by a company in China specifically for that market. Another reason localization is hard/extremely time consuming for DQ is because it all must be done manually.

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Fair enough.

I like the name of the post though xD. Just :slight_smile: . Also a GOB post.

There is new background artwork being used on the character select screen and during load screens as well so I can see why someone would think it is all new.

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Cool, but I still prefer english version


wow cool ill try to play it