Difficult vs gear?

If i get max gf luck and item drop from gear and i will farm on very easy difficult so i will get less legends or sth? Or its better to farm with 300% gf and luck on m3? Actually im on 181 floor beacuse i wanna get nadroji. I have hunter ring :slight_smile:

well it seems that i have negative gf luck in my life right now…i dont have a gf yet so my gf luck is so low…

wait…i think i read that wrong :sweat_smile:

I juat wanna know that. Its better to farm faster cuz enemy are rly weak on very easy difficult and i dont need exp so much but i wanna still get pretty got items and legends for converting it.

Nvm i got my nadroji ring on 205 floor xD im so happy

With 400%% luck on very easy

It is best too farm on very easy floor 500+ early on because of how squishy the enemies are instead of taking drastically longer too complete M3 floors :smile:


I started having weird items like maelstrom or deviant way pass 500+ floor… so far the best would be a crystal deviant BOW with legendary elem dmg and multiatk stats on it… and another, glasscannon BOW with Pathfinder on it…