Difficultly question and farming

So ive been farming around M3 floors 250 but cant do it effectively so i dumbed it down to M1 and im at 360 and handling it well with the occasional rock to the face death. But i saw a picture with a lvl 700 something eternal map on easy diff and dont really know what im missing here so im guessing you get the same drops just less of them at easy? Someone enlighten me please and also im having to buy extra maps from the store about every 10 levels because of the game crashing randomly so i dont loose my floor is there any way around this?

Without being a virtuoso when it comes to this question - I imagine that mythic 1 to mything 3 is a question of 100% added luck/exp/gold find. I’m thinking you’re lvl 99, so that exp wont matter at the moment.
So - if you can compensate for the luck/gold via your items and reach max gold/luck, despite being on mythic 1 - I’m thinking its just a matter of kill-pace, given that its lower hp to burn through.
All in all, I think it’s not a clear cut math-equasion, as more luck is obviously better, giving you room to add dmg-affixes on your items, but if, on the other hand, it it then takes you 500% added time to burn through a map - the time vs drop statistic is probably no longer in your favour.

Also there are some items that will only drop at higher difficulties, so if you’re chasing those, you’ll have to farm at that level:)
E. G.

Yeah thats what i was thinking the faster i run through the more items i get. I get sick when i think how much time It’ll take to get to floor 800 i would have to really tweak my build along with my hireling. I usually play maybe an hour or two after work but ty for the info bud its much appreciated

floor 800 is crazy ye:P
I have played roughly 5 months - sometimes 0 mins/day, sometimes 1-2 hours. At the moment i have 3 characters at lvl 99, the main ascended 2 times.
Conclusion so far:
My gear is far from perfect AND this game consumes my time:D

As far as lvl’ing a hireling to support your main, I can REALLY recommend 6 x Zircon crystal and 6 x Quest mythstone on the lvl 1 gear on your hireling. It took me roughly 2 days from 1-99 levelling my rogue just running around behind my wizard, using that method.
I’m sure you can do it even more efficient if you have another set with +exp affixes waiting for the character you’re levelling, when it reaches lvl 50. Atleast +exp affixes AND + exp runes should make things even faster :wink: But it’s out in the future for me, when I need to find use my runes on optimizing my gameplay further ^ ^