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While I wait for help with my account problems, I’d like to share a story and some feedback.

First and formost, this is an AMAZING game. The best dungeon crawler on mobile bar none. I downloaded the game a few days ago and haven’t stopped playing ever since. The depth of the game mechanics, the skill interactions and the customization potential is, without a doubt, unparalleled. I can see myself playing this game non stop to collect the items I desire.

As a verteran Dungeon Crawler, I immediately started the game at Mythic 3 difficulty. I wanted a challenge and this game delivered in spades. I died dozens of times trying to clear my first bonus map as I was a Rogue with no HP investment. Learning how to avoid all enemy attacks and use the right weapon at the right time was so much fun. The sense of accomplishment from clearing a hard map with limited resources and danger all around was sensationnal!

Eventually I killed enough Epic monsters to get rewarded with a Legendary one (a Mudworm). The moment it spawned, I died. Lol, XD. So I cleared the rest of the map before going back to it. I died, I died and I died. It had Fast Attack, extra projectile, extra HP, extra Damage and Great resistence. Eventually, I figured out how to kill the thing! My strategy was perfect. He could not touch me and I was free to do as I please to this monstrosity. I attacked consistently but the thing just would not die. The bonus map had a +1.2% heal/s for enemies and I just did not have enough DPS to kill it. Forced to give up, I continued my journey for loot. It was only a matter of time before I got strong enough to kill it. The monster will receive my justice some other day.

The more I play the game, the more I fell in love with it. It is 3:25 AM. I have work tomorrow yet I am here writting this! Every time I play, I am learning something new. And so, I have decided to optimize my gameplay. The fleeting emotions of an ignorant noob are no more. Reckless abandon is replaced with cold hard strategy, research and numbers.

The single greatest mistake I made was done at the beginning of my journey. It is pointless to play the game continuously in Mythic 3 or any difficulty other than Very Easy. This game is all about killing monsters and aquiring loot. Aside with personal luck, the more monsters you kill, the faster you kill them, and item buffs are the only factors that affects the time it takes between you and your items.

Let’s just look at the numbers on why you should never play on Mythic 3 (except when you are guarenteed a rare Item via feets):

[quote=“Mythic 3”]
+10059% Enemy Health
+43.75% Enemy Power
+175% Experience
+350% Luck
+350% Gold find[/quote]

The very first attribute of Mythic 3 is the most important one. At the cost of taking 101.59x longer to kill an enemy, you are only rewarded with 4.5x more Luck. When the other newbies took minutes to kill everything on the map, I had to take HOURS! Playing this difficulty is highly inefficient.

Upon this realisation I was filled with sadness and regret but, more importantly, disappointment. That is right, disappointement. My sadness and regret were short lived. I cannot stress how much I love this game. Mistakes happen. It doesn’t matter to me that I “wasted” hours playing this game inefficiently. But I am disappointed that players are GREATLY punished for playing at higher difficulty with little reward.

I han fun playing in Mythic 3. I received it in abundance as shown by my story. But now I must sacrifice that to progress. I have already spent over 40 hours in this game with little to nothing to show for it. My Rogue is only level 51 at floor 49. I need to play Very Easy as it is the most efficient way to continue. Even, Easy is obsurdly inefficient as it takes about twice as long to kill enemies for minimal gain.

What disappoints me the most is that there is a “+” in front of the benifits. Just the thought that these bonuses are only added to your total bonuses is more than enough to deter me from playing any other difficulty. The monsters aren’t even much more difficult to kill. They only do +43.75% more damage which does not matter if they cannot touch you.

No sane person would choose to take 101.59x longer for the same rewards (the time you take to accomplish the feats and level up). Only someone madly in love with the game that has a burning passion to grind. Sadly, my flame has settled. I still love this game and will continue to play and grind for the items I want as it is still very fun. Howerver, I will no longer blindly dive into this as before.

My sincere hope is that the dev’s tweak the numbers. A 4.4% Luck efficiency rating is inexcusable for Mythic 3. That is without any other bonuses. It is unknown to me if the luck bonus is just additive. But if true, then it is even more inexcusable. I value my time too much to waste it on pointless grinding.

u should focus for best build and farming fastest diffuculty when u get really good build u will 2 hit bosses in mythic 3 i misse mythic boss too

luck capped at %650 get some luck and item quantity on your gears use your hero powers for fortune it has good value if u find nadroji items u will get some power u can see it in legendex
good luck

As a beginner, you’re correct, it’s a waste of your time to do M3. As you progress, that is when you start upping the difficulty. I kill things on M3 just as fast as you do on Very Easy. You will reach that point as well.

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Its gear dependent up till floors 350-400+ there is no difference in clear speed between m3 and normal for me.

Hey! I’m in the same boat as you! I just found out about this game yesterday and I can’t stop playing it!
I’m a warrior, lvl 43, I’m playing on Legend as I can do it just fast enough, anyways.

I have a question to the more experienced players, I wanna know what’s the most efficient way of leveling? Should I clear every floor? Should I kill the boss and go to the next floor?

edit: also, how long does it take to get to max lvl 99?

getting 99 30-40 hours u should farm higher floors for getting good items some items only dropping higher lvls and after 101+ floors u can buy random map and farming random maps better for exp+ drop

I’ve got some maps from Cartographers, I just hit lvl50, can I actually get into any of those maps? So for faster leveling I should be doing maps right?

I recommend you to just keep doing the maps dropped by the cartographers. They give lots of bonus loot for the same time consumption and allows you to bypass facing bosses saving you time and allowing you to advance the floors quicker. You basically want to get to floor 101+ asap to unlock really nice epic items.

You can actually start buying them since lv20. I use them all the time as they allow me access to Legendary maps every 25 clears.